Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lots of Exciting News at Ethiopic

First, Ethiopic (website plays music) will celebrate its one year anniversary on March 15th (didn't I say this was shaping up to be an awesome spring?). Second, they have a new partnership with the World of Tomorrow (WOT) initiative to benefit local schools with school projects and Children in Ethiopia through existing schools and programs. The program launches with the anniversary celebration on March 15th. All of the proceeds from that event will help jump start the program and 2% of Ethiopic's profits will go to fund the program thereafter. More great food for a great cause on H Street.

Dear Ethiopic,
Congratulations on your 1st birthday, we're all so glad to have you around. Also, I think we all look forward to the exterior facelift you'll get in a few weeks thanks to H Street Main Street and a facade grant from DC Gov. Cheers! Now please pass the injera.

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Anonymous said...

Inked, I always appreciate it when you warn me about a website playing music. I find that very annoying - especially when browsing the net at work in your cube! Nothing makes me leave a site quicker then when it's playing music.