Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Opening Tomorrow: The Weir at H Street Playhouse

This Scena Theater production runs through April 24th. Tickets are $25-40, except for those 30 and under on Thursdays ($18). From Scena's website:

The story opens in a rural Irish pub where three local lads—Brendan, Jack, and Jim—revel in their usual high jinks. Soon they discuss the pretty young woman from Dublin named Valerie who has just rented an old house nearby. Suddenly, Valerie enters the pub with another mate of theirs, Finbar, and they join the trio. Before long, the four men swap ghost stories in an effort to impress her and entertain themselves. After a few more drinks, Valerie opens up and reveals the haunting secret behind her unexpected departure from Dublin. Her heartfelt and haunting story softens the brash nature of the men and ultimately exposes their true kindness, and puts them on a path of friendship and understanding that they never anticipated. In the end, THE WEIR is a rich, human story filled with emotional ghost stories, as told by unique characters from the country.


Anonymous said...

I saw this play when it was at a playhouse on Wisconsin years ago, it was fantastic, great characters, a lot of beer drinking, depressed lads, and 'for f&%$ sakes' throughout. I wanna see it a second time at H St!

Anonymous said...

Saw this last night (rehearsal show). Was pretty good. Great acting and great character development. Check out a rehearsal show if you can because it's cheaper!