Thursday, March 31, 2011

PoP: How to Behave During a Mugging/Armed Robbery

Prince of Petworth has an a post up, and active discussion going on, regarding how to stay safe during a mugging. Just good basic urban awareness.

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Anonymous said...

How to behave during a mugging if you are a MPD police officer:

1) Try not to be on foot or in the vicinity of muggings.
2) If a mugging does occur, be slow in responding. Preferably, be driving around in your car
'shooting the shit."
3) In response to a mugging, be of very little help to mugging victim and offer inconsequential action. Take scant notes.
4) Hand over the case to a less than helpful detective who will bury the case in a backlog of other cases, likely from the same juvenile delinquent who was released the day before.
5) Plan your next purchase of illegally stolen items, perhaps obtained through a mugging by the juvenile delinquent.
6) Clock in your overtime.