Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Private Clubs Writes Up Atlas Room

Photo provided by the Atlas Room

Another complementary blurb from the magazine Private Clubs. This time they recommend the Atlas Room.


Campy said...

Sidamo top 8 coffee shops in DC according to Zagat:

8 Buzz-Worthy Coffee Options in DC

Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of Dining at the Atlas three weeks ago. Everything I had was "different" and wonderful. Go try it!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the Atlas Room is being written up. But I will never, EVER read a magazine called "Private Clubs." Just awful.

Bert Aultman said...
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DCJaded said...

huh?! What is the Atlas room? Is it a private club or just a restaurant?

Tom A. said...

Dopes anyone know why the Atlas Room isn't open on Sundays after 3pm?

I'm looking for a nice (upscale) dining experience for a group of ten on a Sunday evening on H Street. Any suggestions?

I may just call the Atlas Room and ask them if they could open up that evening- there's an event at the Atlas that Sunday afternoon, which will result in several hundred people looking for dinner after the show!