Thursday, March 31, 2011

Regarding Shwafel & H Street Life

oakland in april
Shwarma photo by Emilie Raguso

H Street Great Street and Eater both picked today to link to the H Street Life column I wrote while back (it appeared in the March issue) for the Hill Rag. So I thought I'd talk a tiny bit about Shwafel (read the article if you want the full deal), and also take the opportunity to remind people that I do write a monthly column for the Hill Rag. You can find it  online, and in print, each month. I've been writing it for about two years now, so there are lots of archives to pick through. Some of the info also appears here, but not all of it is duplicative. Here's the column discussing Shwafel. Highlights (and a quick and dirty H Street Life index) after the jump.

The key points regarding Shwafel:
-fare is mostly shwarmas and falafel;
-lunch and dinner everyday;
-1322 H Street (nice to see development on the north side of the 1300 block);
-sandwiches run around $6-7.50;
-late night hours on weekends;
-expect to pay about $11 for a drink, fries, and a sandwich;
-unique menu item: the french frie sandwich;

Some of these links are acting a tad hinky, but I'm too tired to fix them right now. If it's broken try going through the main page.
Past columns (scroll down to community life if it spits you out in the index):

April 2011 (not online yet): Argonaut lunch, Khan's, grill your own at Little Miss Whiskey's, Cap City Diner patio, Queen Vic, Toki.
 March 2011: Shwafel, Toki, H Street cares, Khan's, Atlas names a new Director, Tacos Impala.
February 2011: Smith Commons, Argonaut, Intersections, XII brunch, Khan's, Metro Mutts doggy happy hour.
January 2011: Atlas Room, Tacos Impala, HR-57, Church and State, Angelico, Kitchen on K, Marvelous Pizza, X9, Argonaut.
December 2010: Toyland brunch, Atlas Room, cannoli at Taylor, flaming cocktails at Sova, holiday sing-a-long at the Atlas with Congressional Chorus.
November 2010: Dangerously Delicious, Red Palace, Queen Vic, Toki Underground.
October 2010 (listed under H Street Festival Highlights Area's Potential): festival, Argonaut plans, October at the Atlas, Day of the Dead on H Street.
September 2010: Fruit Bat, Fresh Farm Market, Evolve Moving to H, Smith Commons, festival.
August 2010: C.A.T. Walk Boutique, Argo reopens, Black Supermarket, shuttle, Temporium.
July 2010: Biergarten Haus, summer films, Desperados, Our Place, adopt an H.
June 2010: First Saturday, veggie options on H Street, Atlas Room, Tru Orleans, summer films at the Atlas.
May 2010: Queen Vic, Metro Mutts, Dangerously Delicious, Star and Shamrock, Pancake Challenge.
April 2010: Ethiopic, Biergarten Haus, Liberty Tree, Red Palace, C.A.T. Walk Boutique.
March 2010: Snowmaggedon, the Pug turns 3, opera at the Atlas, City Gallery.
February 2010: Intersections, Valentine's on H, Toyland, Sullivan's, Industry Gallery, Capital Fine Wines and Spirits.
January 2010: Residents and business owners share their visions for the future of H Street.
November 2009: Souk, family friendly H Street, Napa 1015 closes.
October 2009: Festival, Halloween, DJ nights at Sova, cheap drinks, art chair, Langston Bar and Grille.
September 2009: Festival, Evolve Urban Arts Project, Dangerously Delicious, Biergarten Haus, First Thursdays.
August 2009: Drew, Rags to Riches, yoga, new events at familiar spots, facades, mystery chair, Red and Black's patio.
July 2009: Icy delights in hot weather, patios, Nouveau Fleur, Park's Hardware.
June 2009: Capital City Diner, H Street Country Club, construction.
May 2009: Sandwiches on H, Nightlife on H, Argo starts Saturday a brunch, a mural rises.
April 2009: Seasonal offerings, starting the day off right, grabbing a quick bite to go.


tubbs said...

your links are broken. Just like my soul. I know I can say this to you, because I know that these words will soon be treated like a frost in spring; briefly regarded and rapidly forgotten. In other words, Tubbs rulz, shwafel droolz!!!!!

Chris said...

Links all worked for me.

Re: development on the north side of the 1300 block, is there any news/progress/whatever re: either Vendetta or Joe's Coal?