Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Toki Underground Set to Open 4/1

HStreetDC confirms that Toki Underground will stick with its opening date of 4/1. Expect the place to get packed as everyone seeks to satisfy those dumpling cravings.

Other upcoming openings:
HR-57 (soon?)
Queen Vic (very soon)
Khan's 3/28 I still need to upload the photos, but I visited Khan's again on Sunday and it's looking good. I'll try to get a post up soon. Mongolian bar-b-q, Asian fusion, 12 beers on tap, and special white whiskeys. What's not to like?


Anonymous said...

...April Fools?

If it is really happening this time though, I'm looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Opening 4/1!

Sure it is. I sincerely hope it does, but there has been way too much crying wolf about this place for me to hold my breath.

After all this time everyone's expectations are ratcheted up so high I hope the Toki guys can deliver.

Anonymous said...

TOKI Opening? Skye! NOT! NEVER!

Kiki said...

YAYYY. You all can feel free not to believe. Just means a shorter line between me and my dumplings!

Good luck guys. Chopsticks at the ready.

Anonymous said...

Is this place upstairs from the Pug?

Anonymous said...

is that an opening on 4/1/2012?

Anonymous said...

you can have whisky with me while you're waiting.
downstairs from toki

big green cat 1 said...

Here's wishing them a speedy opening and great success. One thing I've learned from living here the last few years it's that these places take a looong time to get through all the red tape. Whether it's 4/1/11 or whenever I'll be there often.

Anonymous said...

I'm stoked for Toki Underground. As for Mongolian BBQ - don't people go out to eat so that they DON'T have to cook their own food? Maybe I'm too negative.

inked said...

patrons at Khan's aren't actually cooking their food, just picking their ingredients.

Mongolian bbq tourist said...

I'll be curious whether or not Khan's can break a trend I've found with "Mongolian BBQ"-type places. For me, every time I've been to such a place, it's seemed like no matter what ingredients I chose, the food came out tasting exactly the same. Mind, it didn't taste *bad*; it just all tasted the same. That's been the case for me at three such places now; looking forward to seeing if it's true here as well.

Anonymous said...

A good chef is a good chef because he understands the proportionality of ingredients. Every time I've gone to a Mongolian BBQ (where they literally just throw the raw ingredients on to a hot surface and call it 'cooking'), my food tastes shitty. Chefs not only cook food, they prepare it, select it and understand how to cook it. Somewhere, someone in Mongolia is either laughing or crying.