Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Urban Daddy: London Calling at the Queen Vic

Urban Daddy gives the latest update on goings on at the soon to open Queen Vic.


Anonymous said...

Very excited about the Queen Vic.

But let me say, in the kindest possible way, that they are breaking ALL the restaurant website rules. (As do a lot of places on H for some reason.)


Campy said...

Per twitter, queen vic is working on a website revamp so I think they've heard the complaints.

Most importantly it looks like they're really close to opening, can't wait!™

Anonymous said...

Blasting music on a webpage is a bit like an all mens club in 2011. It is tacky and offensive. Whoever designed it should be schooled. (yea yea, I'm fine with God Save the Queen, but keep in mind that this song sounds WAY different on a Sunday morning Hangover than it might on a Saturday night rager - when designing a website, assume that someone may not be in the mood).

Annoyingmous said...

Again: why do restaurants (and *only* restaurants) feel the compulsive need to throw music at you immediately, leaving you hunting around the webpage for the well-hidden controls to make. it. stop.