Thursday, March 24, 2011

WBJ: A Tax Break For Capital City Diner?


The Washington Business Journal reports that Harry Thomas has introduced a bill to exempt the Capital City Diner from property taxes through January 1, 2016. The Capital City Diner is Trinidad's only sit-down restaurant (well, that pizza delivery place on Florida recently got two small tables), and Thomas wants to ensure that the Diner succeeds. Thomas introduced a similar bill (that one exempted them from sales tax, as well as property taxes, for a period of three years), but it died in committee.


Matt Ashburn said...

Unfortunately, I wasn't interviewed for the article. Anything attributed to me was based on a few select excerpts from a few minutes' worth of nearly year-old testimony at a council hearing.

It's also my understanding that DCFPI's position on tax abatements is that the Council needs more information to make good decision. Not sure that really came across in the article.

We sincerely appreciate Councilmember Thomas' strong support of independent, locally-owned small businesses, and look forward to the bill moving forward.

Capital City Diner

P.S.: It's most disappointing that the article made no mention of the most significant highlights of the hearing: 1) Marion Barry singing the blues (literally) from the dais, and 2) Marion Barry being upset that he hadn't been taken to the diner to try our breakfast.

Anonymous said...

cmon matt when are you gonna host marion barraoke blue nite?

Matt Ashburn said...

Marion Barryoke™* nights will have to wait 'til the summer garden's ready and the weather warms, which should be soon. That'd be a sight to see.

*Karaoke hosted by Barry