Friday, April 01, 2011

DC Foodies Reviews Queen Vic

DC Foodies has a rather in depth piece on the Queen Vic.


Anonymous said...

so, a bar named after a bar in a british tv show has a sous chef. That makes sense.

oboe said...

Stopped by yesterday afternoon at around 5. The place is fantastic. While it's a bit of a shame to have Wells Bombardier and Fullers on a traditional CO2 tap, I'm just being a whiny bioyatch. Can't wait to eat here. The only sad part is, you won't be able to get in the door next week, and probably for the next year or so. A few of the folks I spoke to seemed nervous that the place would "succeed". Didn't want to scare them by explaining that they'd be drinking from a fire hydrant for the next 36 months.

oboe said...

@Anon @ 12:13:

It's nice that you've retained your childlike wonder at life's various ironies and such. So few adults do these days.