Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GOG: Top 10 Best Outdoor Patios & Bars

The Going Out Gurus offer up a seasonally appropriate list of the best new spots to get your outdoor eat or drink on. Smith Commons and the Queen Vic both made the list.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen the outdoor area at smith common. I'll have to check it out soon. I'm surprised Biergarten didn't make the list. Or are they no longer considered new?

Anonymous said...

They said they restricted the list to just bars that have opened since last summer, so I guess Biergarten was just before the cut-off. Otherwise I'm sure it would have made it.

Anonymous said...

That back deck at Smith Common can get really loud. I feel sorry for the people who live on Linden.

linden place said...

Yes Smith commons sucks.. way too loud! And loud late!! half the time our trash can not get picked up now because they have dumsters and shit blocking the alley. Not to mention the valet parking they have parks cars everywhere, grass sidewalks, double parked on linden.

G Street neighbor said...

I live on G Street within a quick walk to Smith Commons. Like many of us, I recommend restaurants to friends who want to find a suitable one on H Street. My wife and I had dinner there once and they did a really fantastic job putting that restaurant together.

That said, after I walked down Linden about a month ago and heard the sound of the crowd partying on the Smith Commons' patio. As Linden Place said, it was way too loud. Way. I couldn't believe it. I felt really bad for the people living on Linden and the homes on 13th with their back yards lining up perfectly for the sounds from that patio to project everywhere.

After witnessing that and now hearing/reading about the trash, and valet parking double-parking on Linden and on grass?! Come on man! (is this in the alley?). Unless something is done about that patio - closing it down to deal with the noise - I won't be going there or be recommending it to anyone. There has got to be some decency and respect toward the neighbors.