Thursday, April 07, 2011

HSGS: Sidamo Update


H Street Great Street chats with Kenfe Bellay of Sidamo, and gets an update on plans for patio seating out front (they already have one out back), and the future application for an ABRA license. According to HSGS, the public space application just went up in the window. I've spoken to Kenfe before about the ABL license, and he told me he hoped it would allow him to serve thinks like Irish coffee at night. Extended evening/night hours have always been the expected progression as nighttime crowds grow on the western end of H Street.

Garden seating in the rear even offers a place to plug in your laptop


Anonymous said...

Sidamo's one of the best businesses on H!!

Dave B said...

I've been there once. It was a nice place and that patio looks really nice. I'd like to go more, but I just don't "get" coffeehouses.

I can go to a bar for hours and drink like 5 different beers. You can't really drink 5 cofffees, can you?

People just seem to go to coffeehouses and sit there and read or do something else I normally do in my living room. Actually, I don't read. I watch TV, so that might explain why I am not a coffeehouse person.

Also, the Coffeehouse station on XM radio is terrible. I'll frequently find it tuned in after my GF uses the car.

If they sold beer I'd sit on their patio.

These places do seem to be successful, but I just don't get it. They are depressing like the library at college. Everybody is serious in there. Working. Having deep covnersations about feelings...

Tom A. said...

I'm kinda with Dave B. on this one. Having people sitting outside on a beautiful patio, yet STILL being on a computer is just wrong, IMHO. It should really be a technology free zone.

Wouldn't it be nicer to sit out there and actually speak with people instead of checking your facebook?

Coffee houses used to be the place for community meetings, gatherings and discussion. Now they are as lively as a funeral parlor.

Anonymous said...

Some people have a house full of roommates and need a place to escape and get some peace & quiet rather than being holed up in their room. Some people live in apartments without access to outside. Some people need a break from their spouse or significant other. Coffeehouses are great for such things. Myself, I've got my own deck and nice patio and no one at home I need a break from, so I don't frequent coffee shops. But I can certainly understand many people needing that refuge!