Friday, April 01, 2011

Lot's of Love For Toki, Queen Vic, & Khan's

New openings on H Street grab crazy attention these days. Here are a few of the review links:
Thrillist does Toki Underground.
Three New Reasons to Come to H Street (The Hill is Home).
Thrillist hits up Khan's.


Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled that we have all of these new restaurants, but I can no longer find parking on my street. I live on 12th St NE near H St. and parking is a nightmare now. I have to be home before 6pm if I want to park on my street or on Maryland Ave. I would love not to have to use my car but I commute to my job, so need I it. Any chance the ANC will address this issue?

tubbs said...

I have an ample rear you can park in. The fee is negotiable, dependent upon size.

Anonymous said...

Really tubbs? Grow up! We should be able to have an adult conversation about issues involving our neighborhood without snarky, juvenile comments. This blog is for those who care about the people, places and events going on in our community. Try adding to the conversation instead of making everything a big joke.

tubbs said...

I'm so confused. I have heavy duty patio pavers on top of a parking grade concrete slab in my back yard. I have room for two small subcompacts, or one larger vehicle. Of course I would charge more for one car than if I had two separate lessees. I am simply trying to assist a neighbor in a time of need. I don't get why you are so angry.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 4/4, 11:50 am

We live 5 blocks from H Street. Not a restaurant, bar, or commercial business anywhere nearby.
Guess what? Parking is a nightmare here too.
It's because too many people have too many cars in the neighborhood.
I can easily find parking every time I go to H Street at any time of day or night, usually within a block of where I'm headed. But if I drive, I can't find anything anywhere close to my home when I return.
It's easier to walk or bike.
Welcome to life in the city.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4/6, 1:02 am. Thanks for your response. I'm well aware of life and parking in the city and all of the good and bad that urban life brings. I've been here for 10 years. As I've said, I'd love not to use my car, but I have to in order to get to work, not to go to H St. My family and I walk there. Although I believe that there should be less cars in general on the road, we have to come up with solutions that address existing conditions on the ground today including residential parking.

I was wondering what solutions to parking issues we might be able to discuss here on the blog. For example, in the blocks surrounding the Eastern Market Metro station, there are Zone 6 only parking signs. I'm wondering about the possibility of getting those in our H St. area.

I also know that the new developments/redevelopments coming to H St (H St Connection and the new Giant on 3rd St) will have parking, so there may be opportunities for shared parking on those sites to support residents, shoppers and those patronizing the entertainment/bar/restaurant venues. Just wondering if anyone's heard from Tommy Wells or the ANC whether parking issues are going to be addressed.