Friday, April 01, 2011

PoP: DC Wineaux Visits Sova

The burning man cocktail at Sova

Prince of Petworth carried a post written by the author of DC Wineaux about her recent trip to Sova Wine and Espresso (1359 H Street). She comes away quite pleased, and offers up a few recommendations for maximum enjoyment.


former.Sova.employee said...

It's too bad Sova is completely mismanaged and always on the edge of a breakdown. It had some real potential. Glad people manage to still have pleasant experiences there - it's a shit show behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly!

former.Sova.employee said...

Anonymous, you're cute,

Anonymous said...

I thought the article was rather positive! Hopefully the trolley will resolve her issues regarding the awful cab ride to H Street. I'm not a regular at SOVA, but the comment "always on the edge of a breakdown" must be coming from a very serious HATER!

oboe said...

Actually, one of the more amusing complaints that's common to the PoP blog is how inaccessible the H Street Corridor is. Now maybe my perspective is skewed because I live in the neighborhood but...I disagree! It's very easy to get here. You just walk the 4-5 blocks and voila! Here you are!


Disclaimer: If I write an article on the hot new restaurant out in Palisades, and whine about how it's inconvenient to get to, feel free to smack me in the head.

Anonymous said...

@oboe - where do you come from if Sova is five blocks away? I live further west, but even I must admit that H St. is a trek for a lot of people. I'm fine with that though.