Monday, April 04, 2011

Reminder: Street Talk on Wednesday


Wednesdays from 11am to 1pm
SOVA Espresso and Wine
1359 H Street

What do YOU want to see on H Street? Do you dream of craft markets and artisan stalls? Really got a craving for a hot dog stand? Wish there was a place to buy a bike? What's YOUR vision? Each Wednesday, stop by SOVA anytime between 11am and 1pm for Street Talk - informal salon discussions of how we, as H Street business owners and stakeholders, envision the future of H Street, NE economic development. The possibilities are endless, but are more easily achieved when we come together as a business community to support a shared vision. Be a part of the discussion and have your voice heard. Street Talk is being initiated by H Street entrepreneur Joe Englert with support from CHAMPS – Capitol Hill’s Chamber of Commerce.

Topics likely to be discussed this week include a pop-up retail site, and a butcher/baker co-op.


santa said...

The west side of H is all lit up until 5th street. H street now looks much more presentable. Feels like Christmas!

Anonymous said...

There is no west side of H. There is only north and south sides. Did you mean the the west end? No wonder you could never find my house at Christmas Santa.

Dave B said...

i was think the same as santa while looking out the window at toyland last week. the 400 block has some nice buildings on it. at that time only one of the new street lights was lit up. not even a whole pole, just a half of the pair of lights. i've been wondering when they were going to turn on. i started to think they were not installed correctly.

its going to be nice once that all gets lit up and one comes over the hopscotch bridge and sees H St in all its glory one day

Anonymous said...

would love to see a gym on H St. nothing huge or super fancy; place to get in a good workout early in the morn or later at night. am enjoying living in trinidad but mixing super early mornings or late nights and public transport is a hard combo.

Anonymous said...

Englert said:

We appreciate wish lists, but what we really need are willing landlords and business people willing to invest in the area. If you know either type of person, send them our way so we can match people up. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Well, the individual interested in starting a meditation group might fit your description. I'm sure with a little negotiation they'd be happy to set it up in a shoddily, if not completely, unrenovated building along the strip and mask that lack of actual infrastructure investment and improvement with a trite theme. That model has done gangbusters so far.

diane w the bad back said...

Yoga instructions evenings and weekend when a majority of us are NOT working...There are instructors at St. Marks Church on 3rd and A SE that might be helpful.I know that there is the yoga place between 3rd and 4th..but I am not interested in the intense type workout they do.