Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where to Sip DC Brau Brews On H Street

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Young and Hungry has a full list, but here are are the local spots where I'm sure you'll want to check it out:

Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar, 1104 H Street
The Pug, 1234 H Street
Smith Commons, 1245 H Street

Peruse their website for more on DC Brau.


Anonymous said...

Odd to not see the Argonaut on that list. I thought they were going to start specializing in American beer. What is more American than DC brews? Maybe they burned some bridges?

Anonymous said...

we are flying through it. if all goes according to plan, they are debuting their cans monday. we will be carrying both for a while. it's no irish whisky, but the kids say it's pretty damn good. if you see it around, grab a pint or a can and support dc.
the pug

ro said...

Based on the number of cans littering my front yard and tree box, I had always thought Steel Reserve was the official beer of DC.

Anonymous said...

oh, gone are the heady days of summer when i would sit on the steps of my c street house drinking cans of st ides and 40's of the bull. gentrifier that i am though i always recycled. i hated myself for ruining the neighborhood back then as well.
below toki and down from the vic

Anonymous said...

Jimmy V's also has it.

Anonymous said...

Did they just get it on Monday? I was at LMW on Friday and they didn't have it.

so? said...

Great news and I'm glad our local favorites are involved. Inked, thank you for the PSA.

Matt Ashburn said...

I sampled DC Brau's Public Ale at Jimmy Valentine's over the weekend, and had a glass of it at the Pug last night. Definitely going to carry DC Brau at the diner; cans at first, draft eventually.

Campy said...

FYI Whiskey's will be stocked on Thursday, I've been told.

scott said...

Argo will have it on draft this weekend, and will be keeping it as a standard draft.