Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wii Wednesday at Khan's


Khan's (1125 H Street) invites patrons to bring in their favorite Wii games to play on the giant projection screen. Full bar, and Mongolian bar-b-q available.


Dave B said...

I know Chinese food isnt healthy. Khans inst Chinese, but it is close. However, after filling a bowl with veggies and getting a reasonable amount of meat grilled, if you don;t go nuts drinking the sauce, Khan's could be a pretty healthy option.

Its like a weeks worth of vegetables for me.

Thank you khans

Someone correct me if I am wrong

Anonymous said...

I just went there for lunch and the only think it was lacking is more of a crowd. I understand they probably think they can only make a profit with the bar, but its nice to have a place on H that's new and clean that can function NOT primarily as a bar. The selection was fresh and tasty. The place is very clean and the staff was nice. I appreciated the raw meat NOT sitting out on the toppings bar but in a closed case right by the grill. I've been to Mongolian BBQ places before (there is one in Bethesda) and I hope Khan's can make it so they can have an even bigger selection of toppings and sauces. it was a little more $$ than I expected for what it is for lunch. All told, a great addition to H street NE!