Friday, April 22, 2011

WP: Late Night Eats Heat Up

delicious S&M
Frozen Tropics flickr pool user philliefan99 shares a nice shot of a savory pie at Dangerously Delicious

The Washington Post's Going Out Gurus list some of their favorite spots to grab a quick bite to eat late at night. Taylor Gourmet and Dangerously Delicious Pies both snag mentions.


Slow down H street said...

I miss the days when nobody really knew about DDP. The last several times I've stopped by after drinking on H st the line has been going out the door or there were no pies left.

Anonymous said...

Went last night at 2:00 AM .. No wait, plenty of pie.

Anonymous said...

this place is great. only prob i have with it sometimes they serve pie on a real plate or sometimes in that cheap aluminum stuff, and they don't have any real glasses for milk. paying that much for pie, you should at least be able to have real silverware and plates.

when i pay $5 for a beer, i get it on a real glass or when I pay $6 for pie at another restaurant, i usually get it on a real plate.

but most of their stuff is pretty tasty and f'n unique, and their staff is friendly too. they even got rock and roll on and live music sometimes.