Friday, April 08, 2011

WT: 5 Cent Surcharge for Union Station?

The Times reports that riders entering, or exiting, the Metro system might soon face a 5 cent surcharge that would help pay for renovations at that stop.


Anonymous said...

As someone who uses Union station as my second most stop, I think this is a great idea.

The metro part of Union Station is badly in need of upgrades, and this is a small price to pay by the people who benefit most.

Metro would be wise to evaluate all the stops and find out ways to better leverage the highest users of certain assets to bear the costs of using those assets.

Who knows, maybe this will even drive more people to bikeshare which would be a double win.

Anonymous said...

The new First Street entrance plans are fantastic. If this helps pay for it, I'm definitely in favor.

Campy said...

Speaking of bikeshare, no better time to try it out:

Also, the .05 surcharge is a great idea. Especially if it enables the full-build option as opposed to the partial-build.

Anonymous said...

That Bikeshare LS is off the hook. I've been waffling on signing up for a while and this is all I needed... and instead of buying one, we bought two.

Anonymous said...

That some bullsh*^!!!! Union station improvements should be paid for like any other station improvements. I think this is unfair and ridiculous!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love this idea. let all station renovation moneys have a tie to the actual usage of the station.
just as long as it holds true for those less utilized station in md and virginia too.

Anonymous said...

Metro could safely charge much more than a nickel extra at Union Station. Huge morning and evening swells of MARC passengers travel on discounted monthly fares paid by the Government. They might not notice $1 extra each way.

Meanwhile, non-MARC riders can shift over to New York Avenue or Judiciary Square.