Thursday, April 14, 2011

WT: Remembering Betty Ayele (The Ohio)


The Washington Times has a longish story on Betty Ayele, who briefly ran the Ohio Restaurant (1380 H Street). Ayele was murdered in Del Ray in October of 2006. She provided key testimony against the Murder Inc. drug gang that once operated in the area, and worked with the FBI on various stings. Apparently she also assisted with some anti-terrorism efforts.


Anonymous said...

I miss the Ohio, and I hope someone re-opens a similar diner in its place.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! I dream of a reincarnation of the old Sherrill's-esque diner/bakery from Penn Ave for H Street.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a stand-up citizen:

"Miss Ayele's cooperation began after her arrest by U.S. Park Police in April 2000, when she was stopped for a traffic violation and officers found $20,000 in cash, drugs and a handgun in her van, according to court records.
She pleaded guilty to conspiracy in December 2000, agreeing to cooperate and forfeit more than $200,000 in seized cash, two cars and jewelry."

Not saying she deserved to be murdered by any stretch of the imagination, but these (oddly frequent) posts about her and the old Ohio tend to have this weirdly wistful quality to them, as if she were some local hero. Um, no.

Be nostalgic for the food, maybe, but this woman was not the kind of business owner we ought to be nostalgic for in this area.

Eddy Burke said...

Shady woman acquires restaurant through exploitative, destructive, immoral means before cashing in to go "legit" with a restaurant after tossing her former connects to the poe poe and Feds. Model citizen indeed. Where's her character on teh H St. sitcom? What would Charles think of her?

Anonymous said...

Wow. It must be so easy to judge when you have the veil of the internet to hide you.
I can't say that I'm surprised that the last two comments are negative slants on this woman.
I just don't understand why we can't look past the whole drug thing (SO MANY PEOPLE ARE INVOLVED IN THE DRUG LIFESTYLE), and mourn the loss of a great restaurant and warm, caring restaurateur.

Someone needs to open the Ohio up. H St. needs a bit more soul and a bit less uber-concept, overpriced boutique joints.

~DC Native

inked said...

To the best of my knowlege the drug dealing was all years in Betty's past. The Murder Inc gang murdered several people. As far as I'm concerned Betty paid her debt and was starting over. It was a pretty impressive start. Ultimately it may have been her testimony that got her killed.

Anonymous said...

Snitches get no love!