Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WTOP: 2 Acquitted in Robinson Murder

WTOP reports that a jury has acquitted twin brothers in the 2008 murder of 13 year old Alonzo Robinson. Joshua and Christian Benton, who did not know Robinson, stood accused of choosing him at random and shooting him down in front of his mother. Jury deliberations continue over the fate of the three other defendants in the joint conspiracy trial. The government's key witness has a long history of drug abuse, has sometimes heard voices, and admitted to using PCP the night of the murder. He also admitted to involvement in other separate murders.


Mary said...

The Bentons and fellow defendant Antonio McAllister are affiliated with D.C.'s Kenilworth neighborhood and were accused of embarking on the shooting spree after fighting with members of the Trinidad neighborhood at a Maryland club.

Neighborhoods have "affiliations" and "members"?

Anonymous said...

hell yeah, they do. Just talk to Bobby P. and the Linden Pl. Crew.