Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WTOP: Acquittals and Convictions in 2008 Trinidad Murder Charges

WTOP reported yesterday that the Benton brothers (Joshua and Christian) have been acquitted of the brutal slaying of unarmed 13 year old Alonzo Robinson. Three other defendants face charges related to that homicide, and other offenses (including a 2008 triple murder on Holbrook Street). William McCorkle, charged with the triple murder, has been acquitted of lesser charges. Prosecutors allege that McCorkle argued with three men he did not know at a gas station. He then allegedly pursued the three men, and shot and killed all three. The victims were 37-year-old Duane Hough of the 1400 block of Trinidad Street, 35-year-old Anthony Mincey of the 600 block of Morton Street, NW, and 24-year-old Johnny Jeter of the 1700 block of Holbrook Street. Two of the men were mentally disabled.

Marcus Brown, who faced charged stemming from providing a gun to McCorkle's group to use in retaliation, has been convicted of 5 of 6 charges. The fates of Antonio McAllister, and William McCorkle still rest with the jury.

TBD also reports. As does the Post.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sad. They can be placed at the crime scene(s), and took part in the shootings. Have they been charged with lesser crimes, and are awaiting trial? Or are they free to go?

inked said...

1:28, at least as far as related crimes, if acquitted here they will walk.