Monday, April 04, 2011

WTOP: Robinson Murder Case In Jury's Hands

WTOP reports that the  five defendants in the case surrounding the 2008 murder of Alonzo Robinson has gone to the jury. More on this story as it develops. For background you can following the link at the bottom of the WTOP story, and it will take to a recent news series. Let's hope for justice for Robinson, and others wounded during the vengeance fueled rampage three years ago.


oboe said...

This story is so depressing. Reading it makes me think that we should increase funding for juvenile services--but that juveniles who are caught with guns should be charged as adults, and put away for as long as legally possible. Same for any juveniles who commit violent crimes in general. The cost they impose on our neighborhoods is just too great.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I have lost any hope of that happening in this city in the near future. My final sliver of hope was smashed when I received a flier in the mail from Elanor Holmes Norton advertising the fact that she had made it easier for people to visit their loved ones in jail. Not advocating how she is going to help put processes in place so that people don't do things that land them jail mind you - oh no, that would be too progressive.
I'm glad her fake seat in the House is non existant. Between her, our quid pro quo mayor, and ridin on (tax payer paid for) rims council chairman, its no wonder no one is lifting a finger to grant us statehood. I think citizens are finally through with this business and hopefully will elect better leaders in 2014.

Sorry had to get it off my chest.