Friday, April 29, 2011

Local Reviews Round-Up


The blog Yellow Peril reviews Toki Underground (2nd floor of 1234 H Street). Have you tried the ramen yet?

J Street Beer Review hits up the Argonaut (1433 H Street).

Cloture Club does Taylor Gourmet.

Capital Spice takes a trip over to NoMA to check out the recently opened Watershed (1225 1st Street NE).


dc film buff said...

Listing of all outdoor films in and around DC this summer.

Anonymous said...

From the WP. yay! write those tickets in our hood.

Littering in parts of D.C. will cost $75
By Associated Press
People who toss their trash onto a District of Columbia sidewalk or yard could soon get a pricey ticket from police.

D.C. police are beginning a pilot project Sunday to crack down on littering. For the first month of the program, police will issue warnings to pedestrians and motorists who litter.

Beginning June 1, anyone who litters in the police department’s 4th District, covering much of Ward 4 and part of Ward 5, could be issued a $75 ticket or face arrest under the pilot program. Those who refuse to cooperate with an officer could be fined an additional $100 to $250 if convicted.

The police department also vows to continue citywide enforcement of a law against littering from a vehicle. That offense carries a $100 traffic ticket.

Anonymous said...

This is great news. Inked, you should make this a seprate post, I'd love to see the comments this stirs up.

inked said...

I'm going to try to throw a post up over the weekend. I've just been really busy lately.

Anonymous said...

How about enforcing the dog license dogs on leash law too?

Anonymous said...

Hey, free the dogs !

(Dog Liberation Front)

dave said...

Here's a good review in the past week of the Atlas Room:

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