Thursday, May 26, 2011

Capital City Diner's Patio Opens For Business

Photo provided by Matt Ashburn

It's a super nice space, that even includes an outdoor bar. The bar serves wine, liquor, and beer in bottles, and on tap (single line). The bar's open Friday and Saturday evenings from 5pm 'til last call, but you can also check out the patio during weekday dinner service and Saturday and Sunday brunch. Owner Matt Ashburn has big plans for the space, including a midnight breakfast buffet on weekends, a doggy happy hour, and bar-b-que and live blues. Awesome. Capital City Diner is located at 1050 Bladensburg Road. Check out more of Matt's patio photos after the jump.



ro said...

sweet! nobody tell Kathy Henderson about this

dave b said...

I remember when people flipped their shit when they applied for this license last year. Dancing? Que horror!

Also is that bearded dude the same bearded dude from the previous post with picture of the baby with headphones? White dudes with beards all look alike, especially when they try to look like they are frmo 1978

Anonymous said...

This is Kathy Henderson and you are being a disruptive business already!!! you're goin down, sucka!!! Take this back to where this type of disruptive business belongs!!!

NotKathyHenderson said...

The members of the diner attack team always offer their biased opinions that have nothing to do with fact. Residents are unamimously opposed to outdoor dining in a comfortable atmosphere.

We are assured that we are well within our rights to protest the diner's delicious fried chicken and waffles combined with outdoor dining.

The dangers of outdoor dining are well known: contact with newcomers to the neighborhood, exposure to UV rays, interaction between families and canines, and other known dangers, underscoring the seriousness of this worrisome development.

Without appropriate interventions, outsiders may come to the area to engage in these dysfunctional activities. Law-abiding citizens should voice our concerns about outdoor dining and imbibement of adult beverages, ensuring lawful outcomes.

We will not tolerate this alarming, ill-informed attempt to alter our neighborhood. Before the diner, our neighborhood displayed a stronyl successful string of local businesses to include nail salons, tire shops, blighted lots, and overgrown trash heaps, underscoring my well-known legacy.

My position is clearly underscored by my comments and I find it alarming that Councilmember Thomas supports such "progress."

FAKEkathykenderson said...

The same members of the diner's attack team always offer their biased opinions that have nothing to do with fact.

Residents are unamimously opposed to outdoor dining in a "comfortable" atmosphere. We have the right to demand that chicken and waffles not be combined with outdoor dining and imbibement of adult beverages.

The perils of outdoor dining are well-known: exposure to UV rays, interaction with those outside of our social circle, familities comingling with canines, and other dangers. Law-abiding residents will not toletrate this type of problem business that exposes our residents to such danger.

Before the diner's ill-thought-out attempt to engage in capitalism, Bladensburg Road boasted a successful business climate of tire shops, nail salons, vacant lots, and used car dealers, underscoring my long legacy of supporting local businesses that conform to our demands.

We opposed the diner before it opened, and we continue to vehemently oppose it now. We may learn soon enough what the other members of the diner attack team above are getting in return for their sycophantic devotion to the diner's outdoor patio.

-Fake Kathy

inked said...

Fake Kathy,
sorry your first comment got swept up by my spam filter. I was just clearing it for posting. I'll pull it now as a double post.

Thanks for calling yourself fake. The post from "Kathy Henderson" is clearly not actually from Kathy Henderson (she's more verbose). I'll leave that one up for now, but please refrain from posting as someone else.

inked said...

Or I won't remove it bk it's not actually a duplicate.

NotKathyHenderson said...

Dear Inked,

Your position of automatically blocking my postings under the guise of a "spam" filter do not go unnoticed. You fool no one.

The law-abiding residents of this area are unanimously oppossed to opposition of outdoor dining, underscoring our commitment to healthy, safe neighborhoods.

You can continue to be a surrogate for the diner attack team and support other "progress" in the area if you wish.

-Fake Kathy

(P.S.: feel free to remove my second posting at 9:31, even though it underscores my opposition to outdoor dining)

inked said...

wouldn't dream of it. I suspect you've been feeling the heat from you recent legal troubles. I understand your opposition to outdoor dining. It could, after all, lead to people actually having fun. That and someone from the Councilmember's office, or Harry Thomas Jr. himself, might actually show up. I get that that might be awkward for you.

I will also say that I truly believe that your heart is in the right place. The Capital City Diner and Jimmy Valentine's are problem establishments (though I frequent both). They serve people drinks, and food, and fun. They even dispose of their trash appropriately! But I'm still convinced that they are evil. Not like that paragon of propriety Rose's Liquor. It's right down the street, and they manage to run a clean operation. True, people often congregate/pass out/urinate outside, I did once witness a patron pouring gasoline onto the grass (like from a large container), and I did also see a guy jokingly pull out a switchblade in the store, but I think they are good people. I'm sure that's why you haven't gone after them like you have the diner and Jimmy V's.

poo said...

inked 100 X KHenderson 000

monkeyrotica said...

You know WHO ELSE liked midnight breakfasts and doggy happy hours? That's right. Hitler.

Anonymous said...

fakekathyhenderson, you've got my vote!

Anonymous said...

Fake Kathy Henderson needs a twitter feed. Stat.

Anonymous said...

wow those pics look great. that diner has expanded well. anybody live in that area? how about those apartments across the street?