Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DC Brau's Penn Quarter Porter on H

Sixpoint Otis, originally uploaded by Bernt Rostad.

DC Brau has released 27 kegs of it's new Penn Quarter Porter. A brewery representative  described the brew as "on the line between a porter and a stout" with hints of chocolate. The Going Out Gurus have the full scoop on where to get your fix. You'll find four H Street spots on that list:
The Argonaut
Smith Commons
The Pug
Little Miss Whiskey's

DC Brau has advised people to call the bars before heading over because though they will all have kegs, not everyone will tap them tonight.


Anonymous said...

It's tapped at the pug right now.

Anonymous said...

DC Brau now has a porter and an IPA. What about a pilsner??? Please!

Anonymous said...

Brew a pilsner, please!