Monday, May 23, 2011

Life's Randomness: Toki Review

Tumblr blog Life's Randomness to the Fullest reviews Toki Underground.


Anonymous said...

H Street is in desperate need of a renovation? Why would someone open a restaurant on H Street? Is this a joke or is the author that mind numbingly ignorant?


H Street Landlord said...

Yeah that was a terrible opening line. Really? Where do you live exactly?

Anonymous said...

"Upon first walking down H St., I was confused as to why anyone would open a restaurant here as the H St. Corridor is starving for renovation."

Another clueless clown stumbles out of his NW cocoon, discovers H Street, completely fails to understand what's happening, and upon returning to NW decides to put pen to paper.

This is actually a bit heartening. People like this made it possible for people like me to get such a great deal on a house around here. I always wondered how people didn't see the U Street or Columbia Heights comeback coming a mile away... now I know.

Anonymous said...

While I appreciate local blogs profiling our new neighborhood spots, this person is an idiot. "All soup bowls come with a huge flattened ladle and chopsticks, no forks here people—have to slurp it up just like the Asians do." Really?? This must have been the first time she was ever exposed to "the Asians."

Anonymous said...

OMG, that review made me laugh so hard. I love these comments. Heartening indeed. I <3 H St. NE.

marybindc said...

"The ramen noodles are similar to what you would find in a dried ramen package, except fresher and hand-made."

So...they're just like Oodles of Noodles, but not.