Thursday, May 26, 2011

Line-Up For Jazz in the Hood

Jazz in the HOOD
This is a fantastic deal on a really cool event. $5 for six hours of live jazz music. Tacos Impala, beer, and soft drinks available for purchase. Gallery OonH is located at 1354 H Street. Interested in tasting some non-tacos from the guys behind Tacos Impala? Check out Toki Underground (above the Pug at 1234 H Street).


Dolemite said...

Speaking of Tacos Impala, pleeease come back. Haven't been able to get a good So Cal style carne asada taco since you guys vacated the PWI space. Taqueria Nacionale doesn't cut it because the hours suck.

Anonymous said...

Argh!! Jazz, can't stand that stuff. But, sounds like a great deal. Tacos Impala was a great idea over the winter, Congrats for them to be able to continue doing it and Toki.

Does Gallery Oh do this often? I only been in there once. It's always closed when I walk by.

Anonymous said...

Look a little closer; It's not a pure "jazz" lineup; there are Caribbean Steel drums, Blues, Dixieland, and Swamp; plus some R&B and dance