Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NoMA Blog: Diary of Old Swampoodle

A nice history post about the NoMA neighborhood.


Rayful Edmond said...

Off topic, what is the correct name of the bar at 4th and H?

Is it Tru Orleans, TruOrleans, or Truorleans?

The vinyl banner hoisted up on the second floor says Tru Orleans. The permits on the window say TruOrleans. The new signs say Truorleans in all caps, however the O is the same size as the rest of the letters, sans the T.

Derek said...

It is Tru Orleans

the owner's first name is Tru, and the theme is of New Orleans, hence the name of the place.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the name, it's really looking good. I can't wait until it opens. Plus, Ethiopic's new facade is a huge improvement.

H Street Landlord said...

Someone post an updated photo!

Campy said...

lots of photos on their facebook page (some from today):

Tru Orleans