Tuesday, May 10, 2011

PSA 102 Meeting Tonight

PSA 102 Public Safety Meeting
Sherwood Recreation Center - 10th and G Streets NE
Tuesday May 10th: 7:00 p.m.

This month's PSA 102 meeting will feature guest speaker Councilman Phil Mendelson, Chairman - Committee on the Judiciary, DC City Council. Come join us for a discussion on crime issues within PSA 102. We intend to have an open Q and A session with members of MPD as well as with Councilman Mendelson, to include discussions on:

- Juvenile Justice and Legislation
- Police Retention
- Community Involvement in the Judicial Process


ro said...

Well this should be interesting. I may have to alter my normal drinking schedule to attend

Anonymous said...

does Bobby Pittman still do these? I stopped attending long ago once I finally realized he was just some blowhard without a real job and I could have better communication with mpd by contacting them directly. Seriously, if they ever replace him, I guarantee attendance will double.

dusty said...

There's also a community meeting at Joe Cole/ Wheatley tonight at 7

102 said...

PSA 102 has two volunteer citizen co-coordinators, both of whom typically attend and organize the monthly meetings.

Bobby Pittman tends to handle issues dealing with the south and east side of PSA 102, while Brandon Bies usually coordinates for the north and west sides of the PSA.

Hope you can make tonight's meeting.