Thursday, May 05, 2011

Street Talk, a Month of Progress


Wednesdays from 11am to 1pm
SOVA Espresso and Wine
1359 H Street

Have you wondered about the weekly Street Talk meetings at Sova? The purpose of these meetings is to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and landlords with an eye toward bringing retail, and related businesses, to H Street. What types of businesses have come up so far? A co-op bakery, bike repair and sales, a funky custom clothing boutique, a skateboard shop/skate park, and much more. There are opportunities (I still need to get more details on this part) for financial help for eligible businesses. Two types of businesses that are I'm told are not eligible for the (gov) financial assistance: cell phone stores amd salons / barbershops.


Anonymous said...

Three types of businesses that are not eligible: cell phone stores, wig shops, salons / barbershops.

How racist is this?

inked said...

If I understand correctly those are explicitly excluded from eligibility for the gov funds. Restaurants & bars = also ineligible.

Anonymous said...

ice cream shop.
fountain area/greenspace/place for people to chill. how often do you walk down h street and see people milling around outside bars/restaurants waiting for a table?

Anonymous said...

Skate park? Is that a joke?

Anonymous said...

Not letting the irish get haircuts isn't racist. It's good for the neighborhood. First they want hair cuts, then a chip shop, where does it end? No haircuts for the irish!
the pug.
PS the irish don't know how to fly kites. It's true i saw it on the internets.