Monday, May 23, 2011

TBD: Swampoodle, Behind the Show

MJ Casey in Swampoodle  by Tom Swift, presented by The Performance Corporation and Solas Nua, pic Ciaran Bagnall
Photo by Ciaran Bagnall

TBD has a nice piece on the history of Swampoodle (dig the photos). Don't forget to buy your tickets to the show, which runs through the 28th at the Uline Arena.


Dan said...

I wish a more of the type of detail from this story was evident in the show.

Typical poo post said...

I too wish more of the type of detail from this story was evident in the show. Wait..... What????

Anonymous said...

The likely intended sentiment above was that the play is really a VERY loosely organized conceptual piece that drops snippets of history amongst what amounts to mostly conceptual (and not in an overly intellectualized way) performance art.

I personally enjoyed the play, but I heard more than one person utter that it was "the worst play I've ever seen"'s unusually staged and occasionally interesting, but more for its style and location than for any actual story that is being told (or not told).

It is memorably staged, but requires a lot of patience from its audience, along with a willingness to walk around in the cavernous space in near-darkness while taking in the musty smells and straining to hear the badly miked performers through the eching chamber.

Hmmm, come to think of it, this may have been part of the purpose, to replicate the challenges that were part of living in the real Swampoodle...

Definitely experimental - not for the Kennedy Center crowd!