Friday, May 20, 2011

Two New Neighbors on H Street

I recently noticed the newly opened Aspire Health Food Store at 646 H Street, but had held off on writing because I haven't been inside yet. Meaning that I don't know if it's primarily supplements, or what.

H Street Great Street notes that we've also got a new green cleaning business right down the street. Capitol Hill Cleaning Service offers a wide variety of both residential and commercial services. Check out the list after the jump.

Residential Services:
-Move In/Out Service
-On Premise Laundry Service
-Construction Cleanup

Commercial Services:
-Office Cleaning
-Janitorial Service
-Carpet Cleaning
-Window Washing
(High Elevation)
-Construction Cleanup


Anonymous said...

Isn't that tat parlor above the Pug new? Or is it just a new sign?

inked said...

that's actually upstairs nextdoor to the Pug (1232 H Street). The sign went up about 3 weeks ago. Not sure when they opened.

TOM said...

This posts makes me wonder how long until we get to the day when the opening of new businesses on H Street isn't newsworthy, or blogsphere worthy.

Are there Georgetown/Adams Morgan/DuPont/U Street blogs where people get excited when a new business opens in their neighborhood?

When does a neighborhood go from "transitional" to "established?" My first thought is that it occurs when we get down to NO boarded up buildings, but even U Street still has this experience.

And please don't say a neighborhood is established when it gets a Starbucks! :-)

ro said...

As long as you have these hyper-local blogs, a new business will always be newsworthy. look at the Georgetown blog or pqliving. both cover established neighborhoods and both write about new openings all the time. People want to know what’s going on in their neighborhood, even if it is just the arrival of a cleaning service or health food store. Plus the entire city is in transition right now, with new residents and new businesses flocking to a city they once shunned. For at least that reason alone it will be a long time before this stuff stops being newsworthy.

ro said...

Oh and technically we do have a starbucks already.

TOM said...

oh duh! Ro, you're right about the Starbucks. but it's in "that" grocery store. Pshaw.

C.T. said...

Did anyone lose a dog? This guy was found near 16th/C NE --

Anonymous said...

Just make sure the local shelter is aware that you have the dog. The owners are likely in contact with the shelter already. Give them your number so that the owners can contact you.

Kristen said...

I think this will be helpful for the entire neighborhood. If it is a food supplement, Then Everyone will have a nearby store to buy supplements. :D