Thursday, May 05, 2011

WAMU: Can Live Music Transform A Neighborhood?

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WAMU looks at the impact of the Rock and Roll Hotel (1353 H Street) on the H Street Corridor.


oboe said...

I know I'm a yuppie gentrifier from Hell, but, man, do I love what H Street is turning into.

Went out the other night, rode a CaBi to 13th & H. Hit The Pug for a couple pints of local cask ale, then Toki Underground for a little dinner, then Fruit Bat for a couple of cocktails and conversation. Stopped by Red Palace and dropped a few bucks on a cover charge and watched a couple of random bands. Finally, jumped on a CaBi back to the station a couple blocks from my house. Back home by 9:30pm.

oboe said...

Oh, and yes, as the gentleman in the WAMU piece pointed out, parking is going to suck from here on out. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.