Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Great Reviews for Toki Underground

Fantastic Plastic by naritai
Fantastic Plastic, a photo by naritai on Flickr.
Toki Underground snags even more great press. In this one from Bag and Baguette the author writes that "toki's is food -revelation-good good. really." High praise indeed. Bright Sparks Everyday also sounds like they'll be making the return trip. Two DC joins the party proclaiming that, "[a]t the risk of sounding pretentious, [they]'ve literally traveled the world sampling great noodle soup, and in [their] experience, Toki Underground is about as good as it gets." Then we have some Young and Hungry contest winning reader review.

Toki is located at 1234 H Street, right above the Pug.

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