Monday, June 06, 2011

Gold Cup Games & Cheap Beer at the Pug

The Pug, originally uploaded by AWard Tour.

From Tony T.:

well another international tournament is starting and no doubt, the US will
leave me heartbroken again. the gold cup is not quite as compelling as the
world cup, but the us-guadalupe match could be fun. in order to vaguely
recreate that dramatic world cup atmosphere, we're going to make it easy to
drink. for all the us games, bud tall boys are going to be $2, miller lite drafts
$3, and to keep you balanced, $1 hotdogs. tomorrow night, the us are playing
canada, so in the spirit of good relations with our funny neighbors to the north
we are going to be dumping off $3 molson and labbats. We will not be serving
cheap canadian bacon.
i know we don't need to drink to have a good time, however it's important to
note that a portion of bud sales in the crazy, patriotic inspired cans is donated
to us veterans, so we'll be drinking for those who serve. (for more info look up
here's to heroes, folds of honor.)
as always, thanks for your support,
go USA,
the pug

The Pug is located at 1234 H Street.


Anonymous said...

Why no post still on the transition of Toyland into a different bar?

Dave B said...

Why dont you just enlighten us?

gordon gekko rocks said...

is a transition really planned. wouldnt this be like the fourth iteration of that space in like 3 years? now I'm very curious. I've been looking for a spot to invest my dollar.

oboe said...

Game starts 6/7 @ 8pm ET.

Anonymous said...

Tangent: What's the word on the pizza place next to 7-11 in the H St connection? It looked like it was open the other day.


Anonymous said...

I'm always curious when I see this stuff that supposedly goes to help veterans. I'm a veteran, no bodies sending me checks in the mail. Can I just get a discount on my beers instead?

On that Tangent said...

Sicilian Pizza at the corner of West Va and Florida has replaced New Citi as my favorite cheap pizza spot in the area.

Stephen Harper said...

I will be at The Pug sipping on your finest whiskey, Canadian Club. For the first American to sing Oh Canada, I will give you Canadian citizenship. Tony T is excluded.

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

inked said...

I've got to try that place. Know what you should NEVER do? Order anything from the Pizza Hut at Hechinger Mall.

BTW, for Chinese carryout/delivery on H Street Major's or Danny's. Off H Street (or for good veggie options) try Panda.

Anonymous said...

if canada win, and if that same country issues drivers licenses, and if you drink at the pug with that license or a passport from that country, then i will buy you a shot of canadian club whisky. if by an added stretch of the imagination, canada win the gold cup, i will hang one of those red foliage flags from canada until the next gold cup. i won't buy it, but i will fly on if brought in.
good luck
the pug

Dave B said...

Tony T,

How much effort does it take to use the English soccer announcer convention of using form of the verb following the country team name. Its also funny how the context can change how correct you think it is.

If an English soccer announcer says "The US win" you convince yourself it is correct. However, if I hear someone say "The US win" on the bus I would chalk it up to some kind of colloquial speech used by some

US just scores and announcer says "The US leads". That guy doesnt know anything

Dave B said...

I meant to say "using the plural form" in my previous post

Anonymous said...

this could devolve into an argument like the shot versus shooter argument, or the famous possum vs raccoon argument. i don;t think it will devolve into the vitriol associated with the race and class vs littering arguments.
as a rule, i believe all sport teams should end in the letter s. there would then be no problem in the hearing. giants win sounds right, but are they being referred to as a singular team, or a group of giants? how about the mn wild? do they win or wins? i think you would say the us is a great country, but the us are winning the game.
i suppose it is colloquial, some days i am scared but if i've been drinking, i tend to get scurred.
first world problem.
right now the us are winning, and canada is losing.
the pug

Anonymous said...

US is winners? Or US are winners?

oboe said...


BTW, for Chinese carryout/delivery on H Street Major's or Danny's. Off H Street (or for good veggie options) try Panda.

Is that Good Danny's or Danny's?

I think if I were ever to open a pizza, wings, and egg-roll joint on H Street, I'd call it "Bad Danny's"...just for completeness' sake.