Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grand Opening of Khan's Patio Friday Night

Khan's Mongolian BBQ by Nivad
Khan's Mongolian BBQ, a photo by Nivad on Flickr.

The fun starts at 9pm with plenty of drink specials and a tiki bar to dress up the outdoor space. Kahn's is located at 1125 H Street.


ro said...

Cool, I'll have to finally give KHANN! a try. I noticed this morning that the posts for the patio had been installed and was glad to see that sidewalk space being put to good use.

Anonymous said...

it looks so suburban

Anonymous said...

This could be really huge if they do it right, but it's got a long way to go. A few metal tables and chairs on the hot sidewalk aren't going to do it. I hope they go the Argonaut route of parasols & plantings. It looks pretty inhospitable right now, if they are hoping to open by Friday.