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Hangout & Haunts Take II

saxaphone player by AWard Tour
saxaphone player, a photo by AWard Tour on Flickr.

Hangouts and Haunts II, a retooling of the popular guide. This is a non-photo version (loads faster). I think I have every place on here. Let me know if I forgot anything. Aside from a couple of places I left anticipated opening dates off just because they change way more often then I am able to update this post. Because this post is updated infrequently you should count from the last updated date, not the original post date. Last update: June 26, 2011.

Benning Road
2100 block 
The Roadside Cafe: a Caribbean Restaurant with a large outdoor patio. Sunday brunch buffet. Full bar.
2101 Benning Road

2000 block
The Rail Station Lounge* [coming soon]: a neo-soul/jazz lounge. They will serve bar snacks, and charge a cover charge for entry. Full bar. No dance floor.
2001 Benning Road

1800 block
Langston Grille (link plays music): an intimate soul food restaurant and bar. Outdoor seating available.
1831 Benning Road

Bladensburg Road
1100 block
Jimmy Valentine's Lonely Hearts Club: Bottled beers and mixed drinks are on offering in this out of the way tavern. They offer some light food for those experiencing emergency late night munchies. Cash only, but they have an ATM. 
1000 block
Capitol City Diner: A real vintage diner with a menu to match. Full bar. Now featuring an outdoor rear patio with an outdoor bar.

Florida Ave
1300 block 
Connor Contemporary: A commercial art gallery.
1358 Florida Avenue

Industry Gallery: A gallery focused on 21st century design.
1358 Florida Avenue (second floor)

G Fine Art: A gallery dedicated to International art from the 1960s to present day.
1350 Florida Avenue

Open Studio DC: A screenprinting studio for artists.
1348 Florida Avenue

1000 block
Capitol Hill Premium Cigars and Tobacco: A smoke shop featuring a members only cigar bar upstairs. Full bar.
1006 Florida Avenue

H Street
1400 block 
The Argonaut: A neighborhoody restaurant and tavern. They bounced back from a fire, and are now better than ever. Good food and a solid selection of beers on draft. Large outdoor seating area. Weekly pub quiz upstairs on Wednesdays, and downstairs is family night on Wednesdays.
1433 H Street

Angelico La Pizzaria* [coming soon]: a pizza place also serving appetizers, soups, and salads. No entertainment.
1421 H Street

1300 block
Desperados Pizza* [coming soon]: Formerly a largely unused building that boasted a small corner store (the Sun and Moon) on the first floor, this space will, after much renovation, be home to a local gourmet pizzeria.
1387 H Street

Rose's Dream: A bar with live music (jazz, r and b, and go-go) and karaoke nights. No food, but you can carry up food from the Caribbean carry-out downstairs. Full bar with bottled beers.
1370 H Street

H Street Playhouse: Live theater, home of Theater Alliance, and a number of award winning shows.
1365 H Street

Pho Bar and Grille* [coming soon]: a Vietnamese restaurant serving a full menu including pho, and banh mi. Full bar, and they will have bubble tea.
1360 H Street

Sova Wine and Espresso Bar: a loungy coffee spot. Serves limited food (pastries, muffins, sandwiches, and cheese plates, and desserts). Free WiFi. They have a full bar. They have a rotating beer and wine list, for upstairs. They also now do craft cocktails. Live entertainment many nights. Outdoor space.
1359 H Street
Biergarten Haus: a beer garden serving a traditional German menu. Massive outdoor patio, and a recently opened rooftop patio.
1355-1357 H Street

Joe’s Coal and Ice House* (coming soon): a bar-b-q and blues joint featuring American Roots Music.
 1350-1352 H Street

Gallery O/H: an art gallery specializing in folk and outsider art.
1354 H Street

Rock and Roll Hotel: A great spot for live music. The first floor is a straight-up performance space where you can get right up against the band (the stage is truly thisclose to the audience). The upstairs is more loungy and attention was obviously given to decorating the space. There are lots of little rooms where you can sit and drink with friends, or the rooms can be rented out for private parties. Plenty of food options here. They also host a drunken spelling bee.
1353 H Street

Vendetta* [coming soon]: A Southern Italian restaurant.
1350-1352 H Street

The Star and Shamrock: a Jewish deli inside an Irish pub. Live Irish music Thursdays and Saturdays. Full bar, and open for lunch daily.
1341 H Street

H Street Country Club: 9 putt-putt holes with a Washington/historical/political theme. Tex-Mex with a kick downstairs and Mexican food upstairs. They have skeeball, pool, ect., and tasty cocktails. Beer in bottles, and on draft. Chef Teddy Folkman from Granville's created the menu.
1335 H Street

Dangerously Delicious Pies: Originally hailing from Baltimore, this pie shop serves up a variety of sweet and savory offerings, including quiche. Applying for a liquor license. Plans to expand upstairs and add a back patio.
1339 H Street
The Atlas Performing Arts Center: Live theater, musical performances, and dance. Home of African Continuum Theater Company, Capital City Symphony, and Joy of Motion dance studio.
1333 H Street

Shwaffle* [coming soon]: a casual shwarma and falafel spot.
1322 H Street

1200 block
Smith Commons: a bistro serving upscale food and drink on three levels. Lots of outdoor space.
1245 H Street

Dr. Granville Moore's: Belgian beers and food delight in this two-level tavern. Patio out back. Wednesdays they play the Dead. A nice brunch.
1238 H Street 

Fruit Bat: A new bar from the owner of Wisdom. Fruit Bat offers Latin American street food and craft cocktails with a Latin flare. Lot’s drinks made with fruit juices. Excellent option for non-drinkers. 
1236 H Street

Church and State: An ode to the American cocktail. Traditional and not so traditional drinks.  All ingredients are American here. No food, but a cool, very relaxed setting.
2nd floor of 1236 H Street

Toki Underground: A dumpling and ramen bar.
2nd floor of 1234 H Street 

The Pug: A boxing themed bar serving assorted bar food. The bottled/canned beer list changes from time to time. A few beers on tap. Also serving a bar brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Open for lunch Fridays.
1234 H Street
Sticky Rice: An Asian restaurant serving sushi, pan-Asian fare, as well as tater-tots. Vegan and vegetarian options. Featuring karaoke, and other events. They serve lunch daily, and lunch and brunch Saturdays and Sundays.
1224 H Street

Red Palace: The product of the merger of the Red and Black and Palace of Wonders. Live music, burlesque, and freak shows. Now featuring a back patio.
1212 H Street

Souk (link plays music): a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurant. Full liquor license.
1208 H Street

The Queen Vic: A British style pub serving pasties, curries, wild game, and more. Outdoor seating.
1206 H Street

Philadelphia Water Ice Factory: A carryout with, arguably (argued by someone who knows, not by me), the best Philly cheesesteaks in DC. I've never had one in Philly, but the ones served at the Factory are definitely very tasty. Of course, they serve water ice, burgers, and other fare.
1204 H Street

[Untitled Hookah Bar* coming soon]: from the owner of Souk.
1200 H Street
Horace and Dickie's: The famous fried fish carryout. Try the fish sandwich with hot sauce and you won't believe how much greasy whiting they hand you. They were a runner up for the Best Fried Chicken in the South award from Southern Living a few years back. Carryout only.
809 12th Street (immediately off H)

1100 Block
Khan's: a Mongolian bar-b-q spot. Full liquor license, and a pan-Asian appetizer menu.
1125 H Street

XII Restaurant and Lounge: featuring live and recorded entertainment. Serving classic American food, plus a little extra. They've got a small space downstairs, and a much larger lounge space upstairs. The many windows make for a nice vantage point at night. They have happy hour specials. Sometimes there is a cover. Look for sidewalk seating and a rooftop terrace in the future. Now serving lunch.
1123 H Street

Taylor: An Italian deli and grocery. They deliver and are open late Thursday-Saturday.
1116 H Street

Chow* [coming soon]: An Asian restaurant. Currently seeking an entertainment endorsement for live bands and a DJ. Occupancy of 99.
1110 H Street

Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar: A full bar with an impressive bottled beer selection. Some drafts at times. Frequent dj nights upstairs. Cash only, but they have an ATM. Very nice back patio.
1104 H Street

1000 block
Liberty Tree: A restaurant serving New England fare and brick-oven pizza. Full bar. Patio under construction.
1016 H Street

The Atlas Room: New American Cuisine with a French twist. The menu changes with the seasons. Full bar.
Rita's: a water ice, and frozen custard spot.
1014 H Street

900 block
Marvelous Pizza: A pizza joint that also serves bubble tea.
941 H Street

800 block
[Untitled taco stand* coming soon]: Some of the guys from Sticky Rice seek to open a taco stand just off H Street (in the car repair shop behind Stan's at 822 H Street). A large portion of the seating would be outside. They plan to seek a liquor license.

HR-57: Live jazz. They serve soul food. Beer and wine, but also BYOB for a very modest corkage fee.
816 H Street

City Gallery: a gallery representing over 20 local painters, sculptors, photographers, engravers, and printmakers.
804 H Street #1

600 block
Inspire Bar-B-Q: Bar-b-q joint that serves non-alcoholic beverages. Minimal seating.
650 H Street

500 block
 Taste of Jamaica: a very casual Jamaican place (read bulletproof plastic wall when you order) with seating.
528 H Street

British Ink Tattoo Studio and Gallery: A tattoo parlor and art gallery hosting occasional events.
508 H Street

Le Grenier* [coming soon]: a French bistro.
502 H Street

400 block
The Big Board* [coming soon]: A gourmet burger and salad spot. Full bar.
421 H Street

Sidamo: An Ethiopian coffee house serving breakfast foods, salads, sandwiches, and soups. Featuring shadegrown organic fair trade coffees roasted in house and a wide variety of teas. Open mornings, afternoons, and evenings, but not nights. Patio out back. Free Wifi.
417 H Street

Dissident Display: A gallery and performance space hosting occasional events.
416 H Street

Boundary Road* [coming soon]: American regional cuisine. Full bar, and occasional entertainment.
414 H Street

Studio H: a local art gallery.
 408A H Street

Ethiopic: a well reviewed Ethiopian restaurant with additional outdoor seating. Full bar.
401 H Street

Tru Orleans* [delivery expected Summer 2011]: a restaurant serving Lousiana fare. Live musical entertainment. Full bar.
400 H Street

We also have various people shopping spaces, but without set locations. Two of the ideas are a co-op bakery, and a Mexican restaurant. 

Did I miss anything?


Anonymous said...

Great list! One omission: Inspire BBQ.

inked said...


H Street Landlord said...


inked said...

D'oh! I also see that the gremlins in my code are alive and well. Always a work in progress.

dave said...

Citi Pizza and Taste of Jamaica?

inked said...

Taste of Jamaica yes. Citi Pizza no. Stadium chairs are for waiting, not eating.

Kenny G said...

Thanks for the update, Elise. I have thrown together a custom Google map to help locate the extant and proposed establishments the list.

Kenny G said...

Here's a better starting point for the map -- zoomed in properly

inked said...

kenny g,

Dave B said...

Are Joe's Coal, Vendetta, and Chow really coming soon? I sort of gave up on the first two and happen to walk by Chow every now and then and nothing has happened in like two years?

Anonymous said...

I spoke a month ago to the guy cleaning up the green place next to Inspire BBQ. He's opening a Sushi place. It's part of a local chain he said - there's one at National Airport. So I'm assuming it's Matsutake.

Anonymous said...

marvelous pizza makes the list but not new citi pizza? you obviously can't eat in at new citi, but the pizza is decent, they deliver, and pick-up special is cheap.

Anonymous said...

What about the indian small plates place? And what ever happened to the Greek latenight mezze place? I'm also assuming those fell through

Anonymous said...

I also overheard (at the Jazz in the Hood event a few weeks ago) that the mexican restaurant to be opened by the Tacos Impala guys is actually going in instead of Joe's Coal and Ice (for what it's worth)next to Gallery O/H.

inked said...

Dave B,
Chow prob not coming. The others? Maybe.

That would be awesome.

Marvelous has seating, no?

Pretty sure Greek is not happening, and Indian fell through.

Matt Ashburn said...

Agree re: New Citi Pizza. I order their delivery pizza about once every week or two, and they never disappoint.

I've tried "Marvelous" pizza, but strongly prefer New Citi.

inked said...

I like Citi Pizza too, but this list is for places where you can sit down. The one exception is Horace and Dickie's, which made the list bk I thought at one point that they were going to do the sit-down thing.

Anonymous said...

Bikram on 4th and H?

Anonymous said...

What about the Diner/Coffeehouse concept coming next the new Evolve space? Or is that pure speculation? They're really building that place out so I assume something is coming there.

Scenic Artisan said...

thanks for updating the list, Inked!

ganti said...

What about Sicilian Pizza on Florida? They have one table. I'd say they are a slight bit better than New Citi. But I like them both for take-out

inked said...

The plans for the Evolve space fell through.

Anonymous said...

What was the Woman whose dog was attacked wearing?

Annoyingmous said...

Putting aside the fact that Vendetta and Joe's Coal have been "coming soon" for maybe three years now, the list has them at the same address. Is that right?

inked said...

Def a typo.

Anonymous said...

dangerously delicious pies?

inked said...

DDP is on there.

Anonymous said...

unless something changed, The Roadside Cafe doesn't serve alcohol yet. The Sunday brunch does include live jazz outdoors from 1 - 4 p.m. though.

Anonymous said...

There's a pretty cool flash map that plots out all these places with info here: