Thursday, June 02, 2011

Introducing KPR Moms

Are you a mom or dad in the Kingman Park - Rosedale neighborhood? Would you like to connect with other parents in the community? We have started a "KPR Moms" group on Facebook. It's a place where you can meet other moms and dads, organize a playgroup, pass on gently used items, ask for advice, and most importantly, create a community! Full info after the jump.

Search for "KPR Moms" on Facebook and request to join! We're looking forward to connecting families in the KPR community.

For more information,
Please contact Nicole Coomber or JalilaSmith:

For more information about
KPR Moms Group, Community Events and Meetings.
Visit the Community Blog/Website:


Anonymous said...

We moved to Rosedale hoping to one day raise a family here, so this is very encouraging and welcome news. We're in a different SMD, but 7D01 is really doing a great job of community organizing that will have a positive effect outside of largely arbitrary ANC or ward lines.

Anonymous said...

A much needed group in our community! I will pass the word on to my neighbors! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

It is so selfish for parents who can afford to move else where to raise a child in those neighborhoods....because you want an "urban" lifestyle your child is exposed to all the undesirable elements of that neighborhood.

ro said...

Say what?

dcdouglas said...

To Anon #3:


I'm a parent and I can assure you that my children will not be exposed to "all the undesirable elements of that neighborhood". I will never let them read the kind of crap you posted here.

My children have been exposed to the rich and vibrant diversity of my neighborhood and they are all the better for it.

Please keep your horrid class-baiting comments to yourself.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:44:00
You old fool! If you have nothing nice to say......shut your mouth!

Anonymous said...

Kingman Park Rosedale Moms Group is a great idea! Thanks for sharing this info!

Anonymous said...

Kingman Park and Rosedale are great neighborhoods! We have had our drama but overall we are moving in the right direction!
So please do not feed into others negativity!

Kingman Park & Rosedale both Rocks!

Kingman Park Resident

Anonymous said...

New Game. Whack a Troll! Whenever you read Troll comments just say [BONK!] and don't respond. You won't win any tickets but they'll get BONK'ed For sure!


Oh yea, Kudos for organizing the parent's group.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@anon 4:11:00
Good advice!

Go Kingman Park and Rosedale!

Anonymous said...

What kind of a childhood is one in which you can't play barefoot in the yard for fear of stepping on a needle....

These parents think only of themselves and proximity to trendy bars which the other patrons don't want them at with their strollers and annoying babies anyway.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:14 is obviously a troll, but I can't help myself.

Rosedale/Kingman Park is not the needle-strewn hellhole you describe. It is a neighborhood full of caring, connected community members. It is good and getting better. Is there still crime and drug use? Yes. Could my child run around in the backyard barefoot without fear of 'stepping on a needle'? Absolutely she could. What a stupid statement.

Your sense of entitlement to the bars and restaurants on H Street is appalling. Some places, like the Argonaut, make a special effort to be family friendly. Many parts of H Street WILL be family friendly, because business owners know that there is a market to be served there and several of them have small children themselves.

See, some of us have a vision for H Street and DC in general that goes beyond your limited scope of a good party scene. A robust local economy caters to the needs of families. Families support a wider variety of businesses and a community based on families is multidimensional and poised for long term, holistic, multisectoral success.

Some of us have been invested in this neighborhood for a long time. It is OUR home. Running to the suburbs because you have a child does nothing to help the real problems of school improvement that keeps DC from returning to the world class city it needs to be, rather than the skinny urban corpse in the center of bloated, unsustainable car-culture suburban areas. We will stay and fight for better schools and better child-oriented services. If we don't, who will? The childless hipsters who you think should overrun this area? Please.

So spare us your limited ideas of what H Street, Rosedale, and Kingman Park should be. The families that you think belong in the suburbs are going to save H Street from near sighted clowns like you, who think that more beer and more food for college kids and arrested development 20-somethings is the end-all of real economic and social development. Long after you're gone, the adults here will still be striving to make things better for our children, and our children's children.

For now, enjoy your hip neighborhood. When you're ready to get serious about the heavy lifting of real community development, which REQUIRES families, give KPR Moms a call.

Anonymous said...

Hmm me think previous poster foreshadows how mom group likely will ultimately evolve.

Anonymous said...

I'm anon 3:02.

I have no affiliation with the KPR Moms group, but I do have a family in the east H Street area and I resent judgment from people who don't have the fortitude required to be part of real solutions to social ills in DC.

My suggestion to "give KPR Moms a call" was only meant to show that this group is part and evidence of meaningful community development, much more so than any bar or restaurant.

Anonymous said...

I own my home here on H St, but as soon as I get pregnant I'll high tail it back to NW and rent to a recent 20 something college grad....hold onto the property and sell it after people like you, who are willing to subject your children to your bizarre social experiment, make the neighborhood safe and I can make a fortune. So I guess the bottom line is that I do have some use for your selfishness.

Anonymous said...

Probably the best decision for you, anon 12:09, as I'm sure your kid would pick up on your underlying fears and end up scared to death of your black neighbors.

Anonymous said...

don't worry about the child, it won't be in dc schools past 5th grade

Bob Coomber said...
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Bob Coomber said...

Anonymous 12:09, "bizzare social experiment?" It is bizzare to purchase a home with your wife, have a kid, and raise a family in an affordable neighborhood with, by and large, wonderful neighbors? What's bizzare is your choice to purchase a house in a neighborhood where you are obviously fearful of your neighbors.

I love my neighbors, and have learned from all of them. If you bothered to get to know them, you might not be as afraid.

Also, "annoying babies" and "backyards full of needles"? First, my baby's awesome, and I am very considerate with the stroller. Second, I'm not sure why you litter your backyard with needles, but I planted some arbor vitae, some grass, and a river birch.

-Bob Coomber, proud Kingman Park resident, and prouder father and husband of a co-founder of KPR Moms