Sunday, June 26, 2011

Local News Round-Up

Round and around by montpelier
Round and around, a photo by montpelier on Flickr.

Between internet troubles and jury duty posting has been a bit erratic recently. Thankfully things are back to normal. I'll off this little link/news round up of stuff I meant to include, but somehow didn't get up at the times. Oh, and in newer news, Biergarten Haus now has their rooftop deck up and running.

Following on the heals of the recent NBC4 piece the Hill is Home looks at the Trinidad Real Estate Market.

Lots of H Streety goodness after the jump.
H Street Great Street reports via Twitter that DDOT has denied Sidamo's request for two sidewalk tables out front. @HStreetDC excited people with tweets about a new taco stand and hookah bar. The hookah bar would come from the owner of Souk and go in at 1200 H Street. The Taco stand would be on 9th Street (behind Stan's) and would mostly feature outdoor seating. It's a project by some of the team behind Sticky Rice. This does not appear to be associated with the guys from Tacos Impala, who recently told the Post they plan to open a Mexican restaurant on H Street.

More exciting ABL news from H Street Great Street who reports that Dangerously Delicious Pies will expand upstairs and add a back patio. The upstairs will allow them to host live music, and they are also seeking a liquor license, so you may soon be able to quaff a stout with your SMOG.  The Feast reports that they will rent out sound-proofed practice space to local bands.Also from H Street Great Street's ABL Committee reporting: XII (link plays music) get's its license renewed, but not without some serious restrictions.

Finally, DC Style is Real checks out the NoMA farmer's market.


RPW said...

A little off topic but I had heard that residents of Kingman Park in Ward 7 are no eligible for a dual 6/7 RPP. Is this true and if so how can I get one?

kristin said...

Thanks for the link! (It's actually "baguette", but I won't be picky). Toki has emerged as my top-favorite place to eat in DC after our experience there. I can't wait to go back.