Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Street Talk Today 11am-12:30pm

Just a last minute reminder that Street Talk is today at SOVA Espresso and Wine (1359 H Street).

What do YOU want to see on H Street? Do you dream of craft markets and artisan stalls? Really got a craving for a hot dog stand? Wish there was a place to buy a bike? What's YOUR vision? Each Wednesday, stop by SOVA anytime between 11am and 1pm for Street Talk - informal salon discussions of how we, as H Street business owners and stakeholders, envision the future of H Street, NE economic development. The possibilities are endless, but are more easily achieved when we come together as a business community to support a shared vision. Be a part of the discussion and have your voice heard. Street Talk is being initiated by H Street entrepreneur Joe Englert with support from CHAMPS – Capitol Hill’s Chamber of Commerce.


Anonymous said...

More porta-potties to solve the alley issue.

undom said...

Chimpanzee petting zoo please