Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Film Series at the Atlas


The Summer Film Series will run from June 23 -September 4, 2011 
 Gay 101 – Thursdays at 8pm June 23 - September 1
Movie Musicals  - Fridays at 8pm June 24 -September 2
Family Series - Saturdays at 5pm July 2 - September 3
Spike Lee Presents - Sundays at 4pmJuly 3 -September 4
 All Film Series Tickets are FREE ($2 booking fee)

Gay 101
Thursdays 8pm
June 23 Victor/Victoria
June 30 Milk
July 7 My Beautiful Laundrette
July 14 Paris is Burning
July 21 The Kid Are Alright
July 28 The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert
August 4 The Crying Game
August 11 Hedwig and the Angry Inch
August 18 Beautiful Thing
August 25 Outrage
September 1 Brokeback Mountain

Fridays 8pm

June 24 Bye, Bye Birdie
July 1 Funny Girl
July 8 Dreamgirls
July 15 Chicago
July 22 Hair
July 29 My Fair Lady
August 5 West Side Story
August 12 Hairspray
August 19 Michael Jackson’s This is It
August 26 The Wizard of Oz
September 2 Grease

Family Series
Saturdays 5pm

July 2 An American Tail
July 9 E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
July 16 Chicken Run
July 23 Babe: The Gallant Pig
August 13 Shrek
August 20 The Tale of Despereaux
August 27 Labyrinth
September 3 The Goonies

Spike Lee Presents
Sundays 4pm

Sunday July 3 Inside Man
July 10 4 Little Girls
July 17 Get on the Bus
July 24 Clockers
July 31 Crooklyn
August 7 Jungle Fever
August 14 Mo’ Better Blues
August 21 School Daze
August 28 Do the Right Thing
September 4 She’s Gotta Have It


Rayful Edmond said...

I wish they would expand the film categories.

I'm straight, so I'm uninterested in Gay 101 and musicals.

I don't have kids, so family flicks are out of the picture.

Lastly I'm not black, so I don't enjoy Spike Lee's seemingly racist attitudes.

Anonymous said...

@rayful edmond: if you aren't joking, you are a pretty sorry narrow minded individual.

If you are joking, you need a sense of humor adjustment.

Harrison Ford said...

rayful, go see Paris is Burning and then enjoy picking the pieces of your brain from the carpet!

Anonymous said...

Yeah wow. I actually agree with him(i.e., not interested in the movie lineup) but the fact that he went to all that trouble to point out why (and did so with such an obviously antagonistic, baiting tone) is just weird. And lame.

Anonymous said...

Summer film = awesome!

But let's maybe talk about how journalists evidently have NO constitutional rights according to the DC Taxi Comission

Da real deal. Da Poo. said...

You people need to understand a few things here.

Rayful is entitled to his own opinion, as you are of yours. Mock him, and I'll mock you, just to make a point.


Rayful is expressing details of an increasing demographic moving into the area. Pay attention to what he says. There are more of him in the area now, and even more coming.


Lots of the readers and posters on this blog are stuck in a vision of what they expected when they grasped the keys from their seller/landlord, and skipped gingerly to their local "look, ma, I'm not in Kansas anymore" gastropub. Get over it. This is a dynamic city. Do yourself a favor and enjoy what you have, as long as it lasts. Cuz... It won't.


The Atlas is down a bit on ticket sales.

I wonder why.


5 years from now, what the hell will you people be complaining about?!

Oh. I forget. You will have sold at a profit and moved to Takoma, or back to Ohio, Alabama, or whatever other shite state you successfully left for a real city.

There's room for all. Appreciate it.


ro said...

Funny, I look at the list and see a bunch of Oscar-winning winning films and box office winners. I guess perspective is everything.

Anonymous said...

I will mock anyone who decides nothing on a great list of classic movies is worth his time because they aren't straight and white enough.

Anonymous said...

Poo: Every time you comment I think the same thing: you are an insufferable self righteous jackass. Your childish penchant for depressingly witless scatalogical pseudonyms only drives that point home.

Rayful Edmond said...

Why must every post be misconstrued as race-baiting or hate-mongering?

I merely expressed my view that expanding the film categories would meet my own demographic. I'm young, white and straight. I'm not asking for films like American History X or Watermelon Man.

Why not a category about dogs? But of course that would be unfair to all the cat-owners.

I suppose I'll just go on Netflix and queue up Turner and Hooch, Marley and Me, and Beethoven.

Rayful Edmond said...

For what its worth, I will likely go and watch Goonies.

Anonymous said...

@Rayful: I don't think comparing dog movies to movies based on gay themes or Spike Lee's civil/socio-economic struggle themes is the way to go on this one.

I, for one, can't imagine thinking that I wouldn't enjoy a film based on gay themes because I'm straight, or Spike Lee's films because I'm white. It has literally never crossed my mind. I don't care for musicals, but that's just because I don't like musicals.

Saying that you're uninterested in musicals because you aren't gay kinda sounds like hate mongering.

Anonymous said...

Labrynth and Teh Goonies, Hey you guys! Headfirst into the bog of eternal stench! One-eyed Willy! Atrayu!

Kiki said...

@Rayful - please also consider that on any given day, the general population can go to any megaplex and get their fair share of straight, white films. You might take for granted that the majority of media out there is filled with straight white people, aside from the first ones getting killed off in a horror movie, and the rest of us go and accept it without much choice. A good number of these movies just don't get to the big screen (kids movies aside) because the straight, white people won't allow themselves the opportunity to see people not like them in a movie.

So you could actually view this as an opportunity to see some movies that you wouldn't otherwise be exposed to or a lesson in different cultures or even just some good movie making.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rayful, your post wasn't merely stating opinion ("I am not interested in these movies") but you went through the trouble to highlight your reasoning in a manner which had some questionable implications.

For example, your reason for being uninterested in Gay 101 or musicals is "because I'm straight". The implication there is both "straight people obviously don't/can't like the Gay 101 movies or musicals" and "only gays like the Gay 101 movies or musicals". You then imply that "only blacks like Spike Lee movies" and that "non-blacks don't/can't like these movies". Not to mention the fact that your wording actually implies that "blacks DO like Spike Lee's seemingly racist attitudes", not just that you think Spike Lee himself is a racist.

Our point (those of us calling you out) is that, frankly, we're giving you the benefit of the doubt that you're a bright enough person to have chosen your words on purpose and to have known how they'd come across.

Rayful Edmond said...

Best I hold opinions to myself to keep the masses at bay.

Anonymous said...

among the silliest of FT spats...

Anonymous said...

Try Inside Man or Clockers. Both great "guy" flicks. And Babe (c'mon, you can't be made of stone).

Atlas does a great job of programming from Gilbert and Sullivan (can't get much whiter than that) to Step Afrika and lots in between. Don't like the movie selection. Suggest something for next summer....

Donna (who saw Bye Bye Birdie last week and am neither white nor gay - What's the matter with kids today?)