Thursday, June 09, 2011

Trinidad Neighborhood Stabilization Meeting 6/11

NCRC, with project partners, will present final recommendations related to housing, commercial development and community greening on June 11th from 10:00AM to Noon at the Joseph Cole Community Center –1200 block of Neal Street

Please attend! This will be the last opportunity for community residents to provide meaningful input related to recommendations that will inform future city investments!

The presentation will also include a presentation of photo reimaging work and a proposed neighborhood marketing and branding strategy.

We hope to see you there!

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Anonymous said...

The Jole Cole Rec doesn't exist anymore it has been torn down. The meeting will be held in the Joe Cole Community Center on Neal street. It is the small center connected to Webb-Wheatley Education campus.

Campy said...

from twitter:

capitolhilldc Julia E. Christian

Big #HStNE news: @ToylandDC has changed hands; new restoconcept expctd in July. Brokered by @tophertc! cc: @FrozenTropics @hstgreatst

Anonymous said...

Could they call it something else that doesn't start with S_T_A_B?

Rob said...

Speaking of n'hood greening, what has been the fate of the trees that were planted last year? With such a hot summer already, sounds like they're gonna be under a lot of stress.

IMGoph said...

Rob: We're keeping an eye on the trees down at your end of Oates. Looking good so far. I'll see what I can do to get neighbors down there watering them.