Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Coming Soon: Langston Grille on Wheels

LBG Front2
Photo courtesy of Langston Bar and Grille

Langston Bar and Grille (1831 Benning Road, LINK PLAYS MUSIC) has announced plans to roll out its very own food truck. The truck will be known as Langston Grille on Wheels: A Soul Food Express.


Anonymous said...

I hope the food truck offers more consistently good food than the restaurant. It's hit or miss.

Anonymous said...

I agree this could be a great spot for soul food. But lacks consistence.

5th Street

tarisdaddy said...

For sure on the hit or miss, I want to support the place but the last time I was there the food and service really disappointed. The previous time everything was finger lick'n good.

I'm guessing the truck will be using the same kitchen, maybe they have a new chef.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if they set up across the street from Horace and Dickies!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what's up with this place? I want to love it. I want to go once a month. But the food's not good enough consistently enough to risk it, and the service is usually terrible.

Come Langston Bar & Grille, step it up. We want more reliable options on Benning Road.

BTW, the Roadside Cafe @ 21st & Benning has a very good brunch with live music. Not sure what it's like in the evenings, but it's worth checking out.