Monday, July 11, 2011

District Curmudgeon: Busted!

The District Curmudgeon focuses on a Trinidad demolition by negelct case that appears to have transformed into an illegal formal demolition case over the weekend. From the photos posted it looks like the owners will also face heavy fines for damaging the street and alley, in addition to tearing down their house without a permit.

OK, it now looks like (despite DCRA early saying there was no razing permit for that location) that DCRA hired a contractor to raze the house. The bank that owns the house will pay the $30k costs of demolition. The contractor will repair any damage to public space. District Curmudgeon has the full update.


Anonymous said...

District Curmudgeon, aka the Concerned Trinidad Busybody, just posted that the building was razed by city.

Scandal! To the blogs!

IMGoph said...

Anonymous: Or it could just be a concerned neighbor passing along news.

If you don't want to read about it, turn of your computer and keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

District Curmudgeon is a great comedy blog rivaling the onion.