Saturday, July 30, 2011

Early Morning Shooting in Rosedale

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I don't have a lot of info on this one, but here's the police alert:

Shooting/0243 hours/700 B/O 16th St., NE/No Lookout at this time DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT #I20110392286

Sent on: 07/30 03:20

No word yet on the condition of the victim.


East_H said...

I'm a half block from there and didn't hear anything. The summer has been very quiet in Rosedale so far, let's hope this remains the exception.

ro said...

i heard it loud and clear. and i'm not surprised at all, i've complained repeatedly to Commander Kamperin starting back in february about these new faces congregating on that stretch of 16th day and night. just barely 45 minutes ago i walked past there and the same guys were out there laughing, yes laughing, about how so and so "should have seen the guy coming" and "that's what you get when you keep talking shit" and basically reenacting the crime. i'm assuming it was the same shooting they were talking about, but with these hoodlums who knows. it's very frustrating considering how much progress has been made in this area to see a dozen or so knuckleheads drag the neighborhood back down. i really thought we were past this

E in Rosedale said...

I live in Rosedale a few blocks from there. Please post an update if you find out any more info. Also, is there a police resource or listserv that I could use to keep tabs on issues in the neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

I second that. Please post an update. Was this a homicide???


inked said...

you can join the First District Yahoo Group.

If I get more info I will update the post.

Anonymous said...

I live on Rosedale near this location and will say that for the most part this summer has been quiet. I have a pretty good idea of the hoodlums that Ro is referring suggestion is call the police early and often. The response time is super fast and there is in face a "noise" ordinance that you can refer too. Myself and other residents, have also had success with working with Tommy Wells in reducing loitering (hence the closure/locking of the back gates at Minor Elementary) which has tremendously reduced the number of incidents on 16th street. Trust, if you are vigilant...they will get the hint and move it along!

Anonymous said...

Miner ES is not a minor school.

MiCoBa said...

There is a PSA meeting at Miner Elementary school the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7pm. This is a good time to get more crime updates for the area and voice concerns to the officers who patrol the area.

Anonymous said...

I just checked the DC Crime map (set it for the past two days) and it shows an ADW Gun happening closer to the corner of 16th and Benning.

So, apparently not a homicide, but this kind of sh*t needs to stop! I organized a crime walk with Tommy Wells, Kamperin and about 10 others a couple years ago along Gales and throughout Rosedale. Looks like its time for another one.


Anonymous said...

Jordan: Organize that & we'll be there. The RCA website seems to have stagnated of late, but I agree it's time to mobilize and do something.