Monday, July 11, 2011

Examiner: Revitalization Costs Businesses


Today's Examiner had a kind of weird article on H Street. The title is H Street Revitalization Costs Businesses. The article skims the surface of issues facing local business (construction woes, changing local socio-economic changes in the nearby population), but doesn't give a lot of context.


Anonymous said...

reserving all my usual general objections to these overgeneralized articles that run from time to time, I take exception to the premise that the construction shuttered any business on H. The statement is unsupported and, in fact, undermined in subsequent paragraphs.

oboe said...

After nearly three years, the grueling construction of a trolley line meant to revive the corridor is complete. But H Street's business owners, the supposed beneficiaries of the new transit line, say it came at a cost.

Oh, for Pete's sake. This is my biggest pet peeve. No, the "construction of a trolley line" didn't "come at a cost". The vitally needed complete reconstruction of the H Street corridor (roadbed, sidewalks, utilities, etc, etc...) came at a cost. Laying streetcar rails was a part of that.

But that's like saying that the rebuilding of the Argonaut after the fire last year came at a cost.

Of course it did. But so what? The alternative was to leave the street festering in disrepair. At some point, you can't allow your public spaces to fall to shit and just keep trudging along.

Anonymous said...

You're dead right Oboe!!! No pain no gain we must invest in infrastucture to have long-term vitality, not just on H street but everywhere.

Anonymous said...

From the article -
"Crime still holding back progress."

"Less than two years ago a woman was shot in broad daylight near the Atlas Performing Arts Center, and violence is still common at night."

Ok, so to validate your point that crime is holding back the development on H Street, you cite a two year old shooting without providing any context and then follow that up with some vague mention that violence happens at night?!? Wow, what grueling, investigative reporting there, Liz Farmer! You should be proud of that journalism degree!

good god.


Gonzo said...

The Examiner is a rag. The don't really car about journalism.

Gonzo said...

care, that is.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna sell my dump that I did a half-assed job fixing up as soon as that damn trolley starts running. I can't wait to get back to NW (nice NW: Georgetown, Dupont, etc.; not ghetto-NW: Shaw, Columbia heights) and sneer at people again when the tell me where they live...

lou said...

It's the Examiner. Take anything they report with a grain of salt. It's the DC print equivalent of Faux News.

I remember grabbing an Examiner one day going to the Metro and bursting into laughter when I read this lede:

"Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign has lead to an increase in pedestrian deaths."

I mean, really, can you take a paper that prints such tripe seriously?

wylie coyote said...


have you already done a post on this inspiration bbq mentioned in the article? if so, i think i missed it because i've never even heard of this place.

did some googling and apparently it was formerly chuck wagon's bbq or something like that? info is appreciated.