Friday, July 08, 2011

Free Grass Cutting Available For Seniors

LEGO Indiana Jones in Grass by Rob Young
LEGO Indiana Jones in Grass, a photo by Rob Young on Flickr.
The Department of Youth Services, in partnership with the Office on Aging, is offering free lawn cutting for seniors beginning July 8, 2011. All youth will be supervised. Priority will be given to seniors who are physically challenged or living alone.

To sign up a senior for the lawn cutting service, contact Courtney Williams at the Office of Aging at 202.727.8370 or courtney.williams[at]


Rayful Edmond said...

Tru Orleans menu:

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the Tru Orleans menu it looks deeeelicious. I can't wait!

Dave B said...

So is this or is this not a strip club? For $18 am I only getting Jambalaya?

Dave B said...

I'll answer my own question: I do get one side as well