Thursday, July 28, 2011

KPR Moms & Dads Happy Hour

KPR Moms (and Dads) Happy Hour Time

When: Thursday, July 28 · 5:30-8:30pm
Where: Argonaut 1430 Maryland Ave

More Info: Parents in Kingman Park and Rosedale come out to socialize with your fellow neighbors! Spread the word! Check out the group on Facebook.

For more information,

Please contact Nicole Coomber or Jalila Smith at kprmoms[at]


Anonymous said...

Oh good, an opportunity to come see the worlds most selfish parents in action. Hope it's worth it that you've taken away opportunities and safety for your children for proximity to this happy hour.

Anonymous said...

wow, anon 7:07. I'm sorry you're still so very, very bitter. I hope things start looking up for you soon.

city parent said...

Anon 7:07, DC was recently named by Parenting Magazine as the BEST city in which to raise children. Capitol Hill is a fantastic neighborhood with neighbors who are committed to each other and the community. Ward 6 DCPS schools have been embraced by the new families and are nearly all over-subscribed. This rapid pace of commitment to urban schools is something unprecedented in the country. The DC crime rate continues to drop. We have parks, sports leagues, kids are able to walk or bike to school....
What is your problem??
Do you really think people need to move to the suburbs when they have kids? Or do you hate people with kids in general and want them out of your neighborhood so you don't have to be inconvenienced.

Anonymous said..., kingman park....not so much the hill.....more like an arm of Anacostia.

Other anon, it's a little bit of both.

inked said...

You know, this is why you're supposed to pick a handle (you don't even have to register it!). It takes less than two seconds, and it saves the rest of other from having to figure out what the hell people are saying when they address comments to anonymous, or "other anonymous." Pick a name, or at least address it to a time.

LW said...

Kingman Park is a great place to live and raise a family! Hopefully others will join our KPR Moms & Dads group!

Bob Coomber said...

First anon, apparently you believe that we only raise our kids in Kingman Park and Rosedale to be close to bars. I am not sure where that comes from, but I guess that you live near H Street to be close to bars. That's great, but don't impose your motivations onto others.

My wife and I live in Kingman Park because it's a great, affordable place to live with low property taxes (thereby making private schools a viable option if the public schools don't continue to improve) and wonderful neighbors. I can also bike to work in 10 minutes, which is about 1.5 hours less commuting time a day than most suburbanites. I get to spend that extra time with my family.

It's not clear to me what opportunities you believe we've taken away from our son. We do know that living in a dynamic and diverse place such as Kingman Park will provide him with a plethora of opportunities that the suburbs where we grew up could not.

As to the safety of our child, I feel extremely safe in my neighborhood surrounded by neighbors who care about our young family. If you got to know your neighbors better, you might not be so scared.

Second anon: Please learn geography. Anacostia is a river, and a very small section of Ward 8 that is nowhere near Kingman Park. Try, "an extension of East of the River," maybe. Of course, if you had spent any time East of the River, you may learn that it's a pretty nice place as well. A lot of neighborhoods East of the River look just like the places where the first anon probably grew up.

Rosedale Representing said...

You guys are ridiculous. Come walk around Rosedale/Kingman Park and see how scary it *really* is.

The playgrounds! Oh no! The kids on the sidewalk! OMG! The crossing guards helping them to Miner Elementary! What's next! Neighbors hanging out together, both black and white. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!

It isn't 1990. You're embarrassing yourself.

The poo rules over anon idiots! said...

Elise, can you force pEople to choose an anonymous handle, like I do? You can help these folks that are new to the Internet by requiring them to select "name/URL" before posting.....

The anonymous folks get less credence, and detract from useful discussion on your awesome blog.

Im sure lots of folks have great ideas, but when they post as anonymous, I figure they are clueless, and pay far less attention to their posts.

Disclaimer: I have very little tolerance for clueless people that have no idea how to pick a handle.

(code for "pretty much a bunch of whiners/paranoid, abused housewives)

I refuse to respond to anonymous incompetents anymore.

H Street Landlord said...

Nice post Bob Coomber. I don't have much to add to that but agree with everything you said.

Anonymous said...

Bike Dad - first of all, ugh.....youre one of those. I feel bad for your children, I can already tell they are going to be socially awkward. They are probably home schooled and drink soy milk. Second, you haven't lived in this city that long. East of the river (west of the park) is usually something you talk about in NW.

Kingman park is dangerous....And not an appropriate place to take children.

Bob Coomber said...

Anon, are you really going after my four month old child via anonymous postings on the internet?

And I drink almond milk.

Scott said...

Glad to see parents organizied into something positive. I hope you guys/gals have a great time.

new dc mom said...

I've lived in the area for three years and feel very safe. My husband and I know all of our neighbors and always struck by how much more friendly people are around here than in NW where it's rare that people even make eye contact with you.

But on the topic of safety of young children - problems can happen anywhere. Yesterday while my husband and I were having a picnic in Lincoln Park with our three month old, a dog owner made a bad toss and his dog literally ran over my daughter (twice) in it's frenzy to retrieve it.

Although this could have ended badly, we took it as a rookie parent lesson. She was freaked out but fine and the poor guy was mortified. But I think this could be an opportunity for a productive discussion on how we can share park space. It seems like the balance in Lincoln Park, at least, is very much leaning towards the dogs, who of course need space to run. But what about the rest of us who don't necessarily want dogs running over our blankets, snuffling at our snacks, etc.

Don't get me wrong - I love dogs, it's just that as a new parent my perspective is changing and it seems like the northwest section of Lincoln Park is dog central - but unfortunately also the nicest area to sit. The rest of it seems pretty scraggy. I'd be very interested to know what others think, of course, including our dog owning neighbors. Thanks.

East_H said...

New DC Mom,

Lincoln Park sometimes feels like a de facto dog park. We walk or bike there from Rosedale regularly and there are always scores of dogs running around, way more than in a typical park.

Lincoln Park is beautiful but it is a bit scraggy, with patchy grass and hard ground in most places. I would like to see some more regulation about how dogs use the grounds, but there is a huge culture of dog ownership in that area and I doubt it would get anywhere.

oboe said...

@new dc mom:

Lincoln Park's been that way for years. The dog owners have an incredible sense of entitlement. Amazingly, there's a dedicated dog park at 13th and D, about three blocks north of Lincoln Park, but it sits unused for long parts of the day.

Anonymous said...

given that it's illegal to have a dog off leash in an area that is not a designated as a dog park, I fail to see what "balance" there was to be struck. Stand up for your kid a little bit. But don't bring the brat to the bars in which I drink. Only take it to the Argonaut. Keep the contagion contained.

Chris said...

Yet again, the ability of cowards to post anonymously on this blog turns discussion to shit.

dan said...

I agree inked, its time to require people to pick a handle (in my humble opinion). the hostile anonymous comments really detract from the quality of the blog, it makes me less likely to contribute to the discussion, less likely to read comments, and less likely to come to frozen tropics (which is sad, b/c your blog is awesome).

however, my complaining aside, i appreciate all the work you put into this blog.


Anonymous said...

Why do you consider it hostile as soon as you don't agree? Seems kind of closed minded.

I mean if someone calls you selfish, maybe it's because you are and it might be time to reevaluate some priorities.

Chris said...

I don't consider disagreement hostile.

I consider telling someone "I feel bad for your children, I can already tell they are going to be socially awkward." to be hostile.

Oh, and for the record: I'm childless and plan to stay that way for life. So don't even try it. Kids run amok in restaurants and pubs annoy the hell out of me. So do posters on here who behave in ways their grandparents would have slapped them silly for in their childhood, simply because they can post anonymously.