Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mixing It Up at Red Palace

Cocktail by Dana Beveridge
Cocktail, a photo by Dana Beveridge on Flickr.
Red Palace (1212 H Street) seems to be on even more of a cocktail kick than normal recently. They've got this series of history of the cocktail classes happening. This Sunday is Tall Tales: the History of the Martini. Tickets are $25, and that includes three cocktails (not bad at all). The fun starts at 8pm.

Tuesday brings the intriguing Bring Your Own Ingredient Night, which the website describes thus:
Have you ever come across a piece of fruit or spice and thought to yourself “I’d love to have a drink with this”? Bring Your Own Ingredients night gives you the opportunity to bring in any flavor you like (the weirder the better) and have a cocktail crafted with that ingredient by one of DC’s top Mixologists who has been featured nationally for his often over-the-top drink menus.

No price is listed, so I'm assuming it's dependent on the spirits the bar contributes to your drink.

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