Friday, July 08, 2011

New Mixed Use Development at 14th & Maryland

@CapitolHillDC reports that a new mixed used development is headed for 14th and Maryland. This is the lot currently occupied by the now vacant Faith Bible Church. Expect settlement in October with final delivery in 2013. PGN Architects will handle the project. Now if we could only do something nice with the Shell No! lot across the street.


East_H said...

This is great. From the Topher Cushman website:

Approximately 13,500 square feet of C-3A zoned land currently occupied by a Church building and Row House. This property is half a block off of the H Street corridor and positioned very well for a residential project in the area of 40,000 square feet by right.

How big is a 40,000 sq foot development?

ro said...

glad to finally see some movement on this corner. That stretch of Maryland from 14th to the starburst really has a lot of potential.

Anonymous said...

I would have liked a gas station more than than a vacant lot with a homeless person that is mentally ill. It doesn't make walking to the Arg very easy.

I guess I am in the minority on this one though.

Anonymous said...

Very considerate!

Salamander Jones said...

Agreed Anon 7:35. Still, I'm glad the Faith Bible space is going to good use, I walk past it every day and those lots both have potential. Wondering when the Sun and Moon building are actually going to become something/anything?

David Gaines said...

A recent photo of the boarded up church with some "happy faces" graffiti. I live two blocks away and can't wait until this property gets some attention. Has there been any updates since last summer?